December 6, 2023
Airbrush Art DVDs

Airbrush Art DVDS For Beginners

Some people are fully visual people. This means that they learn and comprehend better when they see how something is done versus reading about how to do it. While most magazines and books will offer some pictures this is not enough for a fully visual person. So when some one is fully visual and they want to learn something the best thing they can do is watch videos that show how to do something. There are some great videos on the market that will show a beginner how to do airbrush art. These videos are created by expert airbrush artists that will show you exactly what you need to know.

Air Brush Action offers up a good beginner’s video called AirBrush Action Introduction to Airbrush. This video comes on DVD and will help you to learn about airbrush art. You will get 1 hour and 30 minutes of techniques and principles of airbrushing that will apply to all types of airbrush art. The video features Air Brush Action’s Teacher of the Year for 1995, Debbie Eastlack.

Paasche a name brand in airbrushes and airbrush accessories offers up an exceptional video titled PAASCHE Airbrushing with the VL. This video is offered on DVD and runs about 30 minutes. This video deals with teaching the beginner all about double action airbrushes. In spite of the fact that the video is geared towards the Paasche VL airbrush, the information taught in this video will work for any double action airbrush on the market. Beginners can learn about internal and external mix, paint feed systems as well as airbrush paints. Learn troubleshooting and how to take care of your airbrush. This is a very in depth 30 minute video that will teach a lot to a beginner when it comes to airbrush art.

One video that is great for beginners that are interested in airbrush art tattoos is the SHOW OFFS BODY ART How to Airbrush Tattoos. This video is on DVD and runs about 90 minutes. Through this video Donna Nowak will walk you through all aspects from equipment and materials to the application process. Learn some tricks on how to create great airbrush art tattoos. This video will walk you through it all step-by-step so that you really understand the process behind airbrush art tattoos.
If creating custom airbrushed t-shirts seems to be your interest but you have no experience in airbrush art then Kent Lind has the video for you.

Kent Lind will show you t-shirt airbrush art in his video Introduction To T-Shirt Airbrushing. This video is intended for beginners to learn first how to construct an airbrush and also for cleaning purposes how to take the airbrush apart. Cleaning the airbrush is covered in this video as well. For the actual creation of artwork you will learn about the dagger/flare stroke, styles and basics on lettering and color theory. Kent Lind will also show you how to promote your talent. Airbrush exercises in this video will include rendering blends, shadows and even hot spots.