March 5, 2024
Dancing with the Stars

Can Dancing with the Stars Resurrect a Career?

For all of the celebrities who have been involved in the show Dancing with the Stars there are plenty of questions about whether it is actually valuable to them or not. With so many people looking for ways to really boost their career after a brief lull many celebrities are lining up for their chance to get on the show. Trying to determine just how successful the show has really been is a huge series of questions though, after all the effect for each celebrity has been a bit different.

With the celebrities of season one including Trista Rehn, Evander Holyfield, Rachel Hunter, Joey McIntyre, John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco there was very little that was actually gained for the celebrities. Kelly Monaco is still acting on the soap opera that she appears in, and Joey McIntyre is presently preparing for a trip around the country with band mates from the boy band of the 1080’s New Kids on the Block.

Season two brought not only a larger selection of celebrities but also several that are making headlines. Tatum O’Neal has recently been in the news for a drug arrest that occurred following her time on the show. Additional figures have been Master P who has maintained a fairly low profile after appearing on the show, but still works on albums occasionally. Additionally, Lisa Rinna has rejuvenated her career and is a television show host on the Soap Opera network.

For season three, it was a really star packed season. With celebrities such as Joey Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith and even Monique Coleman packed into the season it was certain to go somewhere. With celebrities like Shanna Moakler, they returned to dealing with family issues, while other celebrities including Mario Lopez went onto star on Broadway in A Chorus Line. Monique Coleman is a Disney star and has moved onto several new projects with the company.

The majority of the cast from season four was much less active prior to the show. The biggest names of the show included Joey Fatone, Laila Ali, Billy Ray Cyrus and also Heather Mills. The greatest attention from each of the celebrities has circulated around people such as Billy Ray Cyrus who is now best known as simply being the father of Hannah Montana Disney star Miley Cyrus and also Laila Ali who is the daughter of boxer Mohammad Ali. Additionally, since the show ended Heather Mills has appeared in a few other television shows, but also managed to secure her divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney.

The majority of the contestants from season five included Sabrina Bryan, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and also Melanie Brown from the Spice Girls. Since the show ended, the Spice Girls launched an international reunion tour, and also Floyd Mayweather made a special appearance on WWE earning a nice paycheck for the appearance.

From season six, it appears that none of the celebrities who disappeared into the background before the show are really managing to break out from the darkness. With celebrities such as Steve Guttenberg and Priscilla Presley, the largest promise was from celebrities such as Penn Jillette half of the magical duo Penn & Teller as well as actress Shannon Elizabeth. Overall, the results of the show still seems to have settled with very few of the recent contestants making a huge splash after the show is over. This latest season really will be the test of time to determine if the show is really good at resurrecting careers.