March 5, 2024
Dancing with the Stars

History of Dancing with the Stars

Have you ever been flipping channels and stumbled upon Dancing with the Stars? Many people have found themselves in this position and wondered exactly how the show actually got started. The fact is, this is not a show that is unique to the United States, in fact, it comes from a long line of shows that it is similar to and is based off the British television show Strictly Come Dancing. A piece of a franchise from the BBC Worldwide and has successfully finished six seasons so far with the seventh season in September of 2008.

The show itself features professional ballroom dancers who are teamed together with celebrities from a wide range of fields. The celebrities themselves come from movies, television, music and even some modeling. Combining the dancers together with the actual celebrities is typically done randomly but the final result is a pair that is combined together for the season and must compete against all other pairs for the season. It is the job of the professional dancer to teach, coach and encourage the celebrity in all of the appropriate styles of ballroom dancing that is needed in order to complete the season. The celebrity that performs best is typically the winner, which obviously requires a very strong professional dance partner in order to actually help the celebrity learn the necessary dances.

Once each pair performs, they are provided a score from the three judges. This score is then combined with the votes from viewers voting for their favorite pair as well. At the end of the voting period, the couple with the lowest score is sent home. This is the format that has been adopted from the British version, Strictly Come Dancing. Additionally, as well as adopting the British version the show also includes two of the judges from the British series. Both Bruno Tonioli and also Len Goodman are associated with the American version and the British version to name a few.

The show itself has been incredibly popular all around the world and is shown in numerous countries all around. Finding the perfect combination of judges, guidelines, contestants and even dance styles has afforded the show a large amount of success. With success coming all around the world the show seems to have everything it could possibly want, great stars, wonderfully talented professionals and a cast of great judges.

However, much as Dancing with the Stars seems to have everything they are still behind in terms of ratings. American Idol is still the top ranked show in television; however, Dancing with the Stars is fighting very hard to actually catch up. How successful the show will be at working to catch up in ratings is still yet to be seen, but each season has continued to increase ratings.

As you can imagine, the show tends to strike at the hearts of competition. With a highly competitive nature, arriving all around from both the professional dancers and even the celebrities who find competition extremely addictive the show pulls a large number of contestants, viewers and fans. As you can imagine, the show’s popularity has continued to grow and there is an ever increasing number of people who are looking for great advances in the show. Finding the substantial success that Dancing with the Stars has located is never easy, but it is always something that will continue to grow as the show has continued down a path of great success.