December 2, 2023
Out to Audition

Pulling Your Dancing Shoes Out to Audition

Many people have wondered exactly how they could have their turn on the hit television show Dancing with the Stars, but the fact of the matter is that it is extremely hard to actually get onto the show. While there are always new seasons created, the need to actually qualify is very important and there are no actual auditions that are used to cast the show. However, it is extremely important to realize that the show does not allow typical people to compete; rather the show is intended to be between a celebrity and a professional dancer.

Because of the format of the show, it is critical that you either be a professional dancer or you be a celebrity of some form. The types of celebrities that have worked on the show is extremely varied but in general, the majority of celebrities that are used are not at the peak of their careers when they are invited to perform and compete on the show.

For example, former contestants have included Kristi Yamaguchi, Steve Guttenberg, Priscilla Presley, Marie Osmond, Marlee Matlin, Melanie Brown, Jane Seymore and Jerry Springer to mention a few. As you can just imagine, there have not been a huge assortment of opportunities for each of these celebrities lately, however they are professionals of some form or another. Some of the stranger castings on the show include choices such as Master P the rapper and Floyd Mayweather the boxer who has ranged from the super featherweight to the light middleweight rankings.

As you can see from some of the previous contestants there is very little that you can do to actually pull yourself out of the shadows if you are not already a celebrity in order to actually compete on the show. Most people find that the celebrities that are chosen for the show each year are a group of celebrities that have not been seen much for several years, which allows the show to serve as a bit of a coming out party for them in many ways.

The fact that the show does not have any actual auditions makes it a bit of a disappointment to some fans, however since the contestants are required to compete against each other continuously in order to remain on the show many are happy with the outcome. Of course trying to make all of the contestants happy is never easy and there are some times when it is nearly impossible to have all contestants performing their very best.

As the show continues along it is increasingly obvious that they enjoy pulling out celebrities that are not as well known, yet still recognizable in their own rights. By pulling many different celebrities from a large number of backgrounds it can work to ensure that everyone has someone that they are pulling for, which can be quite effective to ensure that all of the viewers of the show are happy with at least one contestant each year.

Pulling the celebrities from a large variety also ensures that someone has something to offer, which while not always helpful for the dancing competition can be quite helpful in connecting with the audience and working to help pull the votes that are needed to remain on the show. This together with the guidance and assistance of the professional dancer that each celebrity is teamed with ensures that the show is still entertaining each week, while showcasing numerous celebrities from the varied backgrounds stepping very far out of their comfort zone.

Overall, this can be extremely disappointing for anyone who is really interested in trying out for the show. It can however provide you with a few good reasons to just watch the show, but losing the ability to audition and only finding contestants due to casting decisions can be a huge blow for many that is not appreciated at all. But a new season can come along and at some point; the rules might change to allow normal people to audition for a spot with the professional dancers. Then again, it could be created by a spinoff that is developed in the future.