December 2, 2023
Popular Contestants

Some of the Most Popular Contestants

While the show Dancing with the Stars has found huge amounts of success there are some contestants that are liked much more than others. A few of the contestants are extremely successful while some of the other contestants have found that they are not loved much by the judges, the viewers and ultimately their time on the show is shortened. While everyone has different opinions on the best contestants for the show, there are a few that are rather continuously listed as favorites. These favorites tend to bring the attention of the crowd, regardless of which dance style they are performing, do you think that your own personal favorite is included?

Master P – Who does not like the idea of watching someone step way out of their own personal comfort zone? Master P was a perfect example of this, going from bad boy rapper to ballroom dancer was a true stretch for him, but the couple managed to stick around and last a few weeks. Teamed up with Ashly DelGrosso in season two he was only on the show due to an injury of his son that found him filling in. Despite pulling out of his comfort zone, he managed to be the fourth pair of contestants to be eliminated that season.

Jerry Springer – This was an incredible experience, the man who went from being a City Council member, to the Mayor of Cincinnati to even moving onto his own television show. Coming to the Dancing with the Stars world seemed like just another strange choice for Jerry but proved to be fairly successful. During season three when he competed, he and his partner Kym Johnson came in fifth place.

Heather Mills – Everyone loves to hate this women and the time that she spent on Dancing with the Stars was certainly no exception. Being eliminated as the fifth couple Heather Mills and Jonathan Roberts managed to do quite well during the competition. As her claim to fame from marrying a former Beatle, she managed to bring very few fans to the actual show. Most who watched her time on the show were interested in seeing how quickly she would actually be booted off.

Melanie Brown – Dubbed as Scary Spice, this former Spice Girl brought her own unique style to the show. In the middle of a load of drama with ex Eddie Murphy, she managed to do extremely well during her brief time on the show. Combined together with Maksim Chmerkovskiy they pulled from her own performing background, as well as the professional ballroom experience that Maksim provided to the pair.

Kristi Yamaguchi – As one of the top figure skaters in the world, Kristi is certainly no stranger to competition. Paired together with Mark Ballas for season six she walked away with the title, as well as the hearts of many fans. Pulling on her own experience as a professional figure skater, she managed to breeze her way through much of the dancing competition. As a professional ballroom dancer, Mark Ballas enjoyed working with Kristi and they moved wonderfully together.

As you can see, the popular contestants have come from a very large variety of backgrounds and have had the enjoyment of different lengths on the show. Pulling from experience in some other professional career, most of the popular contestants have been truly missed after being removed from the show early, but Kristi Yamaguchi has managed to go on to actually win her time on Dancing with the Stars which provided her and partner Mark Ballas with the trophy at the very end of the show.

You might notice that someone that you felt was truly popular is missing, everyone of course has their own opinions but there are several different types of contestants who have made great impacts on the show who are not considered extremely popular. If you look beyond just those contestants, who are successful on the show and consider their entire popularity you no doubt will notice that most are not truly popular after all.