February 21, 2024

Winners of Dancing with the Stars Professionals and Celebrities

Each season of Dancing with the Stars has been really interesting and amusing. Watching the celebrities learn how to maneuver with the large costumes is a real treat for many people and with so much going on during the whole season it is really easy to forget just how important it is to really take some time to look at the real winners for each season.

Season one gave us the winners Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo. With Alec coming in as the oldest professional winner and Kelly Monaco the first winner of the show a hit series was born. By bringing the success of the show together with all of the great benefits that are provided a truly hit series was created. Kelly Monaco the season one winner is an actress and is quite well known for her role on the hit show General Hospital.

Season two was off in full force quickly and allowed the viewers the opportunity to really start connecting with the stars. Drew Lachey the younger brother to singer Nick Lachey and also a former member of the boy band 98 Degrees pulled out a win with professional Cheryl Burke. The duo performed excellently together and had a fabulous time.

Season three started with several great players and found the winner in Emmitt Smith a retired running back who was partnered with Cheryl Burke. This represented the second consecutive win for Cheryl, but the first win for Emmitt. After dancing his way into the hearts of viewers, he managed to pull a great win.

Season four was a great treasure with the winner Apolo Anton Ohno who was paired up with Julianne Hough. Julianne Hough was the youngest professional winner at only 18 when she helped Apolo Anton Ohno who was the youngest celebrity at 25 dance his way to win. Performing beautifully the entire season together, they enjoyed a large amount of success.

Season five was another great season for Julianne Hough’s who secured her second consecutive victory with Helio Castroneves as her celebrity partner. Helio a racecar driver for the Indy series performed really well however seemed a weaker contestant against the runner up Melanie Brown.

Season six saw a return of the women to the winning ranks. Kristi Yamaguchi an Olympic champion figure skater pulled out a win with professional partner Mark Ballas for the last season. After winning the highest scores for the entire season and the only perfect score for a contestant so far, Kristi was the true favorite of the crowd when she finished the season in top position.

Looking at all of the winners of Dancing with the Stars it is easy to see that the men have routinely dominated the winners circle. With men capturing the title for four straight seasons in a row it is time for the women to step up and compete better in order to keep the title from reverting back to a male contestant in the subsequent season 7 that is scheduled to start in the fall of 2008. With contestants still under wraps at this point, finding the perfect matching pair to win the hearts of the judges and the viewers is not always easy. Dancing with the Stars is certainly destined to grow even further and the previous six winners make it a great experience.