May 18, 2024
Free Crochet Patterns

All About Free Online Crochet Patterns

Since the dawn of the new technology, the Internet has been a viable source of lots of information worldwide. With its easy access to almost everything, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find the solutions to their problems.

Take for example the concept on crocheting. With its worldwide acceptance, more and more people are interested to learn how to make crochet by obtaining some useful patterns in the Internet. These types of information are very useful for some people who cannot afford to buy crochet books or crochet patterns in the market.

What’s even more valuable and gainful about free online crochet patterns is that they are so easy to download, considering the fact that they are free, which means all you have to do is to find the best crochet pattern that will work for you, download it, and viola! You have an instant crochet pattern to start with.

Consequently, in sewing, whether it entails knitting, crocheting, or cross-stitching, having some patterns to guide you throughout the production of your handicraft is such an important factor in order to create a good product, if not a masterpiece.

Crochet patterns are built to make crocheting easier for most people who are interested to this kind of hobby. Hence, obtaining free crochet patterns online is a definite advantage on every crochet maker’s part.

However, even if free online crochet patterns are very useful, it does not necessarily follow that every pattern would work for every crochet maker. This only means that it is also important to consider some factors in choosing free online crochet patterns simply because not all of the free online crochet patterns are created equal.

Hence, for those who simply cannot distinguish which free online crochet pattern he or she should choose, here is a list of some tips that could assist every crochet maker in their projects:

1. Obtain a free crochet pattern nearest to your own size and area of interest

This means that you have to consider whether the online pattern that you are about to obtain would work best for you. To do this you must be able to identify which patterns will suit you according to your size or the size of the person who will wear it, your style, your area of interest like choosing afghan patterns if you are into afghan, etc.

Even if these patterns are for free downloading online, the fact that you might just be wasting your time downloading free online crochet patterns that you will simply not use because you do not have any use for it is a great waste already. Hence, it would be better to obtain a particular pattern that will not waste your time or effort.

2. Get free online crochet patterns for beginners if you are just a newbie

Getting a free online crochet pattern that is not suitable to your level of expertise is just as wasteful as when you have spend your money for it.

Keep in mind that it would be better for a beginner like you to get a good make of free online crochet pattern. There are some patterns that are specially built for the beginners. Besides, getting a free pattern that is on the advanced level will only confuse with all those loops and crochets that you are still not familiar with.

3. Choose a pattern with no specific requirements on tools

There are some free online crochet pattern that are requires some specific tools. This is not bad. The only drawback is that there may be some instances that you simply do not have tools that the pattern is requiring you to use. Some patterns require specific hooks. For example, a typical afghan pattern requires a special “afghan hook,” known as the “double hook needle.

4. Check the gauge or measurement

Whether the crochet pattern is free or not, it is extremely important to always verify the “gauge” of a particular pattern. This is extremely important if the pattern is designed for slippers, clothes, or booties. To do this, you must first sew an unattached example of a finished job before starting on your own project. The ideal size would be those that have at least 10 rows high, and not less than 20 stitches across. Use this on the measurement being claimed by the pattern’s measurements. If there is any discrepancy, you have to make some adjustments with the size of your hook.

The point here is that if you have chosen as near as to your own measurements and figure type as possible, there should not be a great of alteration to do.

The bottom line is that not all free online crochet patterns are useful. You should also do your part in analyzing, evaluating, and deciding on which pattern will work well.