February 21, 2024
Crochet Poncho

Be Stylish With Your Own Work…Make A Crochet Poncho

You can now make a fashion statement with your crocheted project. Crochet ponchos are getting more popular nowadays even with celebrities. Its soft texture and stylish design makes it a must to include in your wardrobe.

If you are into crocheting, you can make your own poncho that will fit you perfectly and suit your taste. There are several designs and patterns available in the World Wide Web that you can access and follow for your personal use. Here are some examples of the different crochet poncho designs that you can choose:

– Adult Poncho Sweater. This poncho pattern from Emerald Moon Creations is a sexy kind of poncho sweater as it has the curve in the right place. It has a wide neckline with sleeves falling just above the elbow and a v-shaped, wavy bottom edges.

– Arizona Poncho. This wide poncho from Brons Fiber Stuff is more like a rectangular poncho. When laid flat, it looks like a huge piece of crocheted square pattern with a hole in the middle. This one is simple and easy to make.

– Asymmetrical Cross-Stitch Poncho. From Craftown, and contributed by a certain designer named Cristina Heredia, this asymmetrical poncho is striking because of the color used. It uses the cross stitch pattern and can easily be followed even by beginners. This crochet poncho is like a simple rectangular one but with one side pointed or longr than the other.

– Bead-trimmed Crochet Poncho. Here is a different variation of the usual poncho. It looks light and very comfortable to wear. What makes it different are the bead trimmings on the bottom edges of the poncho. It is easy to do yet the output is elegant-looking.

– Beauty in Bloom Poncho. This light blue, wide-necked ponchette is very lady like. Its length just reaches slightly above the waistline. It also has dark blue flower patterns just below the neckline. A free pattern for this crochet poncho can be found in Crochet Pattern Central.

– Gentle Ripples Poncho. A crochet poncho good for plus-sized women, this one has a simple A-type cut that falls up to the thighs. The ripple pattern used is easy to follow, even a beginner can do. This one is designed by the Crochet bythehook site owner named Dot.

– Black and White Poncho. This all v-shaped black and white crochet poncho is ideal during the colder months. Its stitches are close together that will surely give you the softness and warmth you need during winter. The pattern for this crochet poncho is found at Crochetlady’s page in Angel Fire.

– Springtime Poncho. Designed by Marie of Crochet Me, this spring-inspired poncho is ideal for bigger women. It has a low neckline that falls like the shape of a bell. This one is ideal to wear during the warmer months as it has wide-spaced stitches. Those who want a much smaller size for this design just need to use a smaller hook.

– Petite Poncho. This petite crochet poncho is for your little ones. It has an almost-off-shoulder neckline with stitches that ends up to the midrib, then tied to form groups of strands to form the bottom design. It is definitely easy to follow and makes your little girls prettier than ever.

– Town and Country Poncho. A plain white crochet poncho, this one looks best over a slim black dress. It looks simple yet very fashionable. It also provides a fresh look to the person wearing it. This pattern was classified as easy, so even beginners can do this. The pattern is found in the Lion Brand collection of patterns.

– Monster-In-Law Poncho. Yet another asymmetrical crochet poncho, this pattern has different pastel colors which makes it look fresh in the eyes. Its bottom are formed by groups of strands tied on the bottom edge of the stitches. This pattern can be printed out from the Lion Brand web site.

These are just a few examples of the different crochet poncho patterns you can find in the internet. There are much more in books and magazines in your local book shop. So whether you are just a first timer in this cool hobby or an advanced needle worker, there is a pattern available for you. Even the most stylish and fashionable poncho can be done by just a beginner. So what are you waiting for? Start hunting now for that unique pattern and begin crocheting! Have fun!