July 21, 2024
Crochet Patterns

Grab Great Crochet Patterns for Free!

Crocheting is a craft. It is not a mere mechanical activity. It involves and requires devotion of time, controlled movements and even a very beautiful pattern to come up with a really intricate and to-brag-for result.

The History of Crochet

The word crochet is taken from the French word ‘croche’ which means ‘to hook.’ In the early 16th century, being good in this craft is an impression of being a well-bred and high society lady. Crocheting was very limited to the rich ladies, while those with limited financial capabilities had to contend with knitting.

It was only in the 1840’s when crocheting became popular. The skill is passed on from one generation to the next within families.

The patterns then were merely put into a picture and one has to work and figure out how to go around with the details. In some instances, there will be a brief explanation for the complicated sections.

Getting Started to Crochet

You will need a crochet hook, a yarn and a pattern, at the least.

For beginners, it is best to get instructions on how to go about the basic stitching. It will also be helpful to get familiar with the legends in the pattern. The legends are the same for all patterns, so there is no need to worry over being confused.

Those who can learn very well through visual means can easily to get an instructions book on crocheting and simply follow the diagrams and explanations.

Making a Masterpiece

Now that the basics have been passed upon, it is time to get started with that masterpiece. Keep in mind that crocheting will not be a mere chain of stitches and manipulations of the hook. Crocheting is an art. That is why you have to take seriously. Put your heart and mind into it, even if it will be just your first work.

Aim high with whatever you will be working on. It has to be something that you can show off to your family and friends.

Now, you have to decide on what you will want to crochet. Is it a sock, a table runner or a bag? Whatever is that item you will eventually choose will be critical in the kind of supplies you will have to get, the size of the hook and the weight and material of the yarn.

For example, the Irish crochet is distinguished for the fine details and intricate patterns it comes up with. It is done only with the finest threads and hooks. It often has a motif of leaves or flowers.

However, for more practical reasons, soft yards are used now for making home furnishings, displays and even clothing. You do not have to worry as the information regarding hook size and yarn are often indicated with the pattern. Simply follow the instructions.

Grabbing the Best Crochet Patterns

Before you know it, you are already moving from one masterpiece to another. Finishing one work can really be very fulfilling that you will want to make more.

There are all sorts of useful items for the household and even for your own use that you can crochet. You can make sweaters, socks, shawls and ponchos, hats, bibs for the baby and even cozy blankets.

All you need is the right pattern.

The pattern is very important in crocheting. As you progress in learning how to crochet, you will find it easy to come up with your own pattern to make a doily or table top. However, there are designs that will need calculated counts, specific stitches and certain hooks and yarns. This is why you need to get the right pattern.

No need to worry. Most every item you can think of has a pattern, and they can be found on the Internet. No need to canvass every craft store in town. Simply click on that mouse and you are ready.

There are web sites that showcase all sorts of patterns. You can purchase the patterns as well the supplies like the hooks, yarns and even needles.

However, why purchase the patterns when you can get them for free?

Many web sites online offer free patterns. Simply enter the ‘free crochet patterns’ on a search engine and you can easily find your way to a site offering the free patterns.

Most of these web sites have owners who really want to share to other people their wonderful discoveries in the art of crocheting. They usually allow people to make use of the patterns for personal use.

It will also be favorable find a discussion or forum for crochet enthusiasts. This is another venue to get free patterns. You can start meeting people there from all over the world and trade patterns with each other.

Waste no more time. Grab a great pattern to work on. Pick up those hook and yarn and start crocheting. Start working on the masterpiece and be proud of it!