May 18, 2024
Crochet Shawls

Make Fabulous Shawls with Crochet

Crochet is a very interesting hobby. It makes the time spent worthwhile as one can easily observe and admire the outcome of all the effort. It gives so much satisfaction being able to finish one design or pattern.

It even feels better to be able to come up with items that you can use not only as accessories, but as the main highlight of the outfit. One design that you will simply enjoy making is the shawl.


The shawl is one of the best companions a woman can find. It is very fashionable. It can be used for a formal event, for an ordinary walk in the mall and very useful in beating the cold season. Any woman must have one in her closet.

Shawls come in different materials. However, there is one that proves to be the best among the rest. It is definitely the crochet shawl. This crochet shawl has proven to be very much loved by the market that some instituted cottage industries for this specific type of shawl.

The crochet shawl is so desirable. This is a good buy. This is also a great gift idea for a girl friend. It is certified that any girl, lady or woman will definitely love the shawl.

Making Your Own Crochet Shawl

If you plan to get a crochet shawl for yourself, why not keep one in your closet that you personally made?

A good advantage of crocheting your own shawl is you get to choose the color of the yarn. You do not even have to be limited to one color. You can combine complementary colors or just whatever suits your taste. You can also determine the size. Make it a just fit. Make it extra longer for more flexibility. You can put in tassels for a more classic look.

Be as innovative as you can be. To have some guide and assistance in making that masterpiece shawl, it is best to get some great crochet patterns.

Finding Crochet Shawls Patterns

The Internet is a good source for most anything, even for some ideas to work on a beautiful shawl. It is very easy to find a good pattern for crocheted shawls.

There are crochet pattern e-books offered in the web. They are very convenient as you can easily print out the pattern and instructions. This dispenses with the need to carry a big craft book when you crochet, especially if you decided to do it outdoors.

There are web sites online that sell designs and patterns per piece. You can easily browse first through the different selections. You get to preview first the expected outcome of the pattern before purchasing it.

Another better option is to get that crochet shawl pattern for free! Simply enter the keywords ‘free crochet shawls patters’ in the search engine and you will be given choices for web sites that give such offer. Click on any results and explore.

Usually, the site you get to choose can also link you to other sites that offer crochet patterns for shawls and for other items. So upon browsing the web site and you failed to find a design that will suit your taste, simply surf to the other links.

Some Tips in Crocheting

When you begin with the crochet shawl project, it is best that you do things correctly. Thus after getting the perfect pattern of a very fabulous shawl, go the extra mile. Be particular with the rest of the details in finishing that crochet pattern. Here are some tips to perfect a crochet pattern:

1. Avoid forcing the hook or putting too much tension when you crochet. The hands should be relaxed. This is to avoid getting the items too stiff or too stubborn to follow the whole pattern.

2. If you tend to crochet tightly, get a larger hook than what is recommended. Same goes if you tend to crochet loosely. Get a smaller hook than what is recommended.

3. Stick to the pattern as much as possible, especially for beginners.

4. Work on the foundation properly. This will determine largely the outcome of your crochet. It is best to continue the pattern with another size of hook if the foundation came too loose or too tight.

Crocheting your own shawl will definitely be a fulfilling experience for you. So do the crocheting properly. Give it all your attention and heart. Make all resources available to get the best outcome. Crochet shawl patterns are made available so you can make a masterpiece with more convenience.