November 30, 2023
Filet Crochet Pattern

Tips on How to Choose Free Filet Crochet Patterns

One of the best variations of crochet is the filet crochets. Its patterns can either be obtained free or you can purchase them from your local crochet store.

Generally, filet crochet refers to that type of crochet that entails a good combination of the usual chains of loops along with the addition of meshes or “closed slabs or blocks.”

In making filet crochet, one should remember that the groundwork of the product is constantly the amount of meshes or blocks contained in the first row. Then, you just have to add six more.

When starting to make a filet crochet, you should always start with the ninth chain on the first row from the hook. This is the common way of starting a filet crochet.

Basically, filet crochet has only two individual colors. The first one is the “open mesh” that is made up of one double crochet, with 2-3 empty spaces, plus a final double crochet. On the other hand, the “solid mesh” that is highly identified by a 3 or 4 “double crochet” stitches that forms a square.

Keep in mind that when making filet crochet, the last stitch of either an open or a solid mesh is the primary stitch of the next mesh as well.

In order to make a good filet crochet, it is also important to consider the pattern that is to be used in the project. Usually, filet crochet patterns are conglomerations of “open and solid meshes,” typically running the design in most of the “solid meshes” and the setting of the “open meshes.”

In today’s crochet market, finding a filet crochet pattern is not such a hard work. You can always find some good file crochet patterns in every local store. With the visible existence of the internet, consumers can also avail of the free filet crochet patterns being sold online.

One good thing about it is that they are free. However, not all free filet crochet patterns are created equal. Hence, it is still important to know how to look for the best filet crochet pattern even if they are given for free. It does not necessarily mean that because they are free, you will just have to settle to whatever pattern you can obtain.

Here is a list of some tips that you can use in choosing free filet crochet patterns:

1. Do your homework

Before deciding on which type of free filet crochet pattern you have to use, it is important that you do your homework first. This means that you have to research on the typical filet crochet patterns that worked best form some people.

There are some instances wherein crochet patterns are too difficult to start with. Hence, you must know what factors that is necessary to consider before choosing a filet crochet pattern.

2. Learn the language

This means that you have to learn how to understand the abbreviations of used in making crochet patterns. Keep in mind that most of the filet crochet patterns that are given for free only use abbreviations.

Therefore, it would be relatively harder for you if you keep on referring to your reference manual about the meaning of those abbreviations. This will definitely consume most of your time.

So in order to facilitate the process, learn how to read abbreviations and understand them.

3. Be wary on the crochet gauge

Free filet crochet patterns should also be evaluated according to their crochet gauge. Keep in mind that any discrepancy on the gauge or measurement can ruin the overall result of your project.

Hence, it is important that before you start with your filet crochet pattern, always make a sample first. To do this, you must make a model of “10 by 10 squares” within the specifications of the thread and the hook.

Try to multiply the amount of squares in the project to that of the length of one square. This will enable you to identify the size of the completed work.

The idea here is to work consistently with the specified measurement or gauge of the free pattern; otherwise, you might only be working on a wrong project.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that even if some filet crochet patterns are given for free, it is still important to consider some factors before obtaining them. Besides, if you have chosen a filet crochet pattern that will not work best for you, even if they are free, you will still waste some money because of the yarn that you have used to create that pattern.