April 23, 2024
Free Crochet Patterns

Where to Find Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet has been a well-known art of making fabrics. Crocheting utilizes a crochet hook to be able to make loops and rows which are turned into fabrics. Today, crocheting is not only a process for making fabric, it has become a worldwide hobby which is loved by people across the globe.

Crocheting is said to have started during the 1800s and first became popular in Europe. However, many people believe that crochet, being a fairly simple method of fabric creation, started centuries before the 1800s. There are claims of evidence of crochet existence during the ancient Egypt times and during the establishment of the Church. But as of now, no available evidence exist in to prove these claims.

Crochet has become popular because of its apparent easiness and one does not need any expensive tools to engage into it. There are also a lot of available resources for people which are available out there regarding crocheting. There are a number of comprehensive books about the art of crocheting and other materials which contains instructions on how to create beautiful crochet patterns. If one is not too keen on buying books about crochet, he can use the Internet to be able to find some resources about different patterns and techniques which are used in crocheting. The Internet provides numerous resources which are free of charge for people who would want to be involved in crocheting.

Here are some websites where one can find different crochet patterns which are easy to do.

Crochetpatterncentral.com – This website is a center for resources regarding crochet. It is updated weekly and features an online directroy that contains thousands of links to free crochet patterns and techniques. There are more than 90 categories which people can choose from. Categories include hats, afghans, ponchos, doilies, clothing, holiday, kitchen and baby crochet.

This website contains a section for beginners. The introduction directory provides links to crochet tutorials which have illustrations. There are sections on tips and tricks for crochet and one can also read the “encouragement and testimonials” section to get some emotional boost in doing crochet. This is a website where one can find some nifty patterns which are easy to do. It is a crafter’s resource center. This site contains free craft patterns, lessons and projects for crochet. There are more than a thousand patterns to choose from. Aside from crochet patterns, there are also other patterns for other kinds of fabric-making methods such as knitting, sewing and making quilts.

Overall, it is a website which contains comprehensive information and substantive links for people who would want to engage in crocheting.

Lionbrand.com – This website contains easy-to-follow instruction on how to crochet and on how to do other methods such as knitting. There is also a section on newsletters and stories regarding crocheting. There is a full-blown section on free patterns. The pages containing the patterns contain illustrations which is very helpful for many people. They also have a section which provides help in doing the patterns. The patterns in this websites are very useful for making practical clothing stuff such as ponchos, hats, caps, handbags, scarves and other decorative materials. There are also materials on the basics, terms and techniques, general instructions and other items regarding crocheting.

Allfreecrafts.com – This website contains over 30 crochet patterns that are available free of charge. These patterns compose of projects for toys, hats, afghans, filet crochet, classic granny squares and scrunchies. There are also some sections on other crafts such as candle making, knitting, sewing, recycling and home decorating. Projects are also itemized according to occassions such as halloween, mother’s day, christmas and valentine’s day.

The Internet has given crochet a new boost in terms of gaining popularity because it makes available the different resources that can be used by crochet enthusiasts and experts. The Internet lets people share their patterns and take crochet into new heights. One can use the Internet search engines to find more free crochet patterns and projects.