February 21, 2024
Quilting Notions

A Notion About Notions

When you take up quilting, there are many notions, or items that will make your task easier and more fun. These specialty items are available online, in craft shops, department stores and quilt shops. While not all are necessary, they really do come in handy.

Metal-edged rulers are used when creating templates and when cutting cardboard and fabric with a rotary cutter or knife.

Metre rules are used with set squares to cut lengths of fabric.

Set squares are used to measure accurate right angles and are used with metre rules to cut lengths of fabric.

Tape measures are flexible measuring tools used for measuring lengths of fabric.

Pair of compasses are used for drawing circles.

Vanishing markers crate special marks that will fade n contact with water.

Dressmaker’s wheels and chalk are used to directly mark fabric. The chalk will brush off.

Dressmaker’s scissors and shears are used for cutting fabric only.

Paper scissors are used for cutting paper.

Embroidery scissors are small, sharp and often decorative scissors that are used in quilting to cut thread and trim fabric.

Pinking shears have serrated blades. They are used to create decorative edges and prevent fraying.

Rotary cutters are used with a cutting mat. They are great for cutting multiple pieces that are exactly the same, at the same time. Rotary cutters are available in different sizes. Small cutters work best for cutting curves and a few layers of fabric. Large cutters cut many layers at a time and are ideal for cutting long straight lines.

Cutting mats are made especially for use with rotary cutters. They protect both the tabletop and the blade. Mats with printed grids are useful for cutting right angles.

Quilter’s needles are used for hand sewing appliqué and patchwork. Betweens are used for making smaller stitches.

Crewel needles are used for working embroidery stitches.

Quilting pins are longer than dressmaker’s pins and pass through several layers of fabric easily.

Safety pins are sometimes used in basting quilt blocks together.

Beeswax is applied to quilting thread before stitching so that the thread passes smoothly through the fabric.

Thimbles are essential for hand quilting. They are used to push the needle through several layers of fabric at once. Many styles are available. Some quilters and sewers collect thimbles.

Unpickers-or rippers are used to remove stitches.

Irons are used for pressing patchwork seams and to remove wrinkles from fabric.

Embroidery hoops are used while quilting. Wooden frames are usually used for hand quilting. Plastic frames with metal spring closures are used for machine quilting.

Ribbon may be used to embellish appliqué or crazy patchwork. It may also be used to edge a border. Ribbon may be velvet, satin or manmade material.

Trimmings such as fringing, pompon tape; tassels and flat ribbon tape may be used to make unusual edgings or to embellish a patchwork piece.

Lace can be used to embellish appliqués.

Quilters’ gloves offer protection when using rotary cutters and needles.

Needle threaders make threading needles a breeze.

Any of the notions listed above would make a great gift for your favorite quilter.