April 23, 2024
RJR Fabrics

Discovering RJR Fabrics

Quilters looking for the best in quilting fabrics need look no further than RJR Fabrics, which is a leader in the fabric manufacturing market, with a niche specialty of the craft of quilting. “Creating Fabrics That Reflect Your Lifestyle” is the company’s motto, and most quilters would agree that RJR is extremely successful in fulfilling this pledge. RJR makes high quality cotton fabrics with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

It is difficult to find companies who stand firm in their belief systems in today’s world, but RJR Fabrics does this. One of the unique things about RJR is the fact that they refuse to sell their products to the large chains stores. RJR believes that the quilting enthusiast is best served through small, local quilting and fabric shops. The company maintains that these small shops hire employees who understand the craft of quilting and the passion that quilters have for it. Many quilting shops are grateful to the support RJR has shown to small businesses.

Another reason for the success of RJR Fabrics is the quality of their designers. Among them is Lynette Jensen, who designs six collections a year for RJR. Lynette Jensen is the owner of Thimbleberries, a Minnesota-based business, which is the highest grossing quilt pattern company in the nation. RJR is also proud to manufacture the designs of renowned quilt designer and authority Jinny Beyer. She was the first to design a line of fabrics solely for quilting and currently designs three collections a year for RJR, as well as a line of solids. Many consider Jinny Beyer to have revolutionized the quilting industry with her amazing, stylish fabric designs and her ability to connect with the needs of quilters.

Other RJR designers include Susan Branch, who presents the Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor Collection, based on her popular series of books called The Heart of the Home. Laura Heine is an award-winning quilt artist who has been working in the industry for twenty years and is the owner of a quilt shop in Billings, Montana. She is also the author of several pattern collections and books. RJR recently announced that their design team has gone international with the addition of Canadian designers Cori and Myra of Blue Meadow Designs. The duo has published several top-selling books.

These designers and their successful lines are indicative of the care RJR fabrics takes in every aspect of their business. RJR connects with its quilt shops with special events like a challenge to selected quilt shops to use one of their new fabric lines to design a special quilt. RJR emphasizes customer service in every aspect of its business, striving to stay connected to quilt shops, designers, and quilters alike. Because they limit their sales to the small shops, RJR truly understands their customer. Combining top-notch customer service with leading-edge design has enabled RJR Fabrics to maintain an enviable reputation for quality in the quilting industry. Contemporary quilters know to look to RJR Fabrics for the best in quality and design.