March 5, 2024
Moda Fabrics

Moda – quality fabrics for quilting

Moda may not be a household name for the average person, but for the quilter it is well-known indeed. Since 1975, Moda has been producing quality fabrics for quilting projects and specialty notions as well. Moda fabrics and notions are available at your local fabric store, quilting shop, or online retailer and its well worth seeking out this special line of quilting products.

Moda distinguishes itself with a long roster of designers, both in-house and independents and one glance at their line of quilting fabrics and its clear Moda hires only the best. You’ll find well-known designers such as American Jane, April Cornell, Sandy Gervais, and Urban Chicks among the Moda stable of designers. Other Moda designers are Amy Bradley, Erin Michael, Jackie Musso, and Cheri Strole. Moda also features fabric basics as well as seasonal, batiks and many other choices in their selections for quilters.

Moda has won the heart of many quilters nation-wide and internationally with their consistent understanding of the kinds of designs quilters want to use for their projects. Many of the Moda designs have a uniquely American look and feel to them, which is only fitting since quilting is a craft which has its roots deep in American history. Moda also distributes a huge list of books and a wide variety of quilting notions from their Dallas warehouse. The company reveres its retailers and only sells wholesale. You can investigate Moda designs online and find many online retailers that will sell you Moda products.

While customers appreciate the line of notions that Moda distributes, it is the quilting fabrics that have made Moda’s name in the industry. Most of the Moda line is given over to traditional cotton fabrics, but they also produce a line of vibrant wools. Browsing through their design line, you’ll enjoy clever designs like Building Blocks or Building Blocks ABCs with its all-over sprinkling of letters. Or how about the Moda design line of Serendipity with its striped and plaid fabrics on muted colors? Take a look at Tropical Camouflage with its bright colors that will make you feel you are on a Caribbean vacation every time you work on your quilting project. Moda excels at designs like Bound to the Prairie with its earthy feel, or fun fabrics like Oodles of Poodles, another cheerful selection. The Moda line also includes such fun designs as Nell’s Flower Shop, a gorgeous collection of florals, and Funky Monkey, with pictures of, you guessed it, sock monkeys all over. You might also enjoy investigating Sunflowers of Provence or Flamingo Run or Critter Camp for your quilting projects. (Not only are the Moda fabrics beautiful, their names are delightful also.)

For the very best of quality in fabric and design, you’ll want to look to Moda for your quilting design needs first. You’re sure to find something in the Moda line that will capture your heart and make your next quilting project an absolute joy to work on. With a Moda product, the next quilt you make will be your favorite and most satisfying yet.