December 2, 2023
Teddy Bears for Newborns

Comforting Teddy Bears for Newborns

When it comes to bringing home a newborn, no one expects it to be as hard as it can be. In the hospital he slept like an angel, but once at home he just wouldn’t stop screaming. He refused anything you gave him, teddy bear didn’t give him a notice, pacifier came out immediately after going in and as for anything else…it just didn’t work. Finding the right comfort for your newborn can be very frustrating at times, however there are certain teddy bears that can help.

If your baby can’t seem to sleep, I suggest the Womb Sounds Mommy Bear. Inside your tummy all he hear was your heartbeat and suddenly he hears everything around him. This can frighten some babies, while others never seem phased by it. The Womb sounds bear actually mimics the sound of a heart beating. Place the bear inside the crib near your child and he’ll fall to sleep.

Blanket teddy bears are small fleece blankets that have a teddy bear attached from the arms up. The bottoms of the blanket are made out of satin, which makes it soft enough for baby to chew on.

Keel Toys Nursery bear with shirt that is embroidered, “baby boy” or “baby girl” Very soft and fluffy yellow teddy bear. Is feet read “Hug Me” and it looks like his arms are stretched out to you.

Wabbanub pacifiers have little teddy bears sewed onto the pacifier backing. Now, those pacifiers won’t be flying across the room every time mom walks away. Each pacifier comes with a different type of teddy bear to choose from.

Whatever product fits your child is the one you need to get, after all you want your baby to get as much sleep as possible. You don’t want to be the zombie down the road. Get your newborn a teddy bear to comfort him.