December 6, 2023
Donating teddy bears

Donating teddy bears

Donating teddy bears can be a really rewarding gesture, even when you are just doing it to be nice. Imagine taking a small teddy bear to a girl that you just bought at a store. The moment you had this little girl it she has a tear drift down her eyes, the last time she had a teddy bear her house was swept away by a flood.

Teddy bears mean so much to someone that has nothing or has lost all hope, whether they are homeless or have been abused. Giving them this small token might help them know that there are other people out there in this world that actually do care. Start making someone smile today and donate a teddy bear. You don’t have to take it in yourself if you don’t want to either. There are a ton of different types of teddy bear fundraising drives that will take them in for you.

These children aren’t picky, they’ll take whatever you hand them. They know money is hard to come by and that it isn’t every day someone comes by to see them. Sometimes they are just thriving for any type of attention and they are hoping you stay there just a few moments longer to chat with them or hug them. They’ll be very grateful for the teddy bear you’ve given the.

Stuffed With Hugs is another fundraising campaign that Build-A-Bear does, once it gets enough bears the Teddy Bear Foundation gives them to the children of crisis. It doesn’t matter what the crisis, these children could’ve been in abused homes, lost their homes due to fire, abandoned or orphans. Each child will be given one of the teddy bears to hug and hold to help them through these difficult times.

Teddy bears can be bought for cancer victims that are stuck in a hospital and need something to hug, victims of violence, disabled, or even children that no longer have families. Make them have something to smile about and donate a teddy bear.