July 21, 2024

Facts on 5 Teddy Bears & The Company Behind Them

Gund Teddy bear company shocked everyone when they appeared in 1906 and didn’t plummet down into the ground like all the other start ups. Instead it seemed that Gund had something and started rising to the top. The Gund teddy bear stood out amongst the rest because it was under-stuffed, which meant he was extremely soft.

Steiff was one of the first to distribute teddy bears and in 1903 a New York Co would find her teddy bears and order 3000 of her bears. She would later create the first black teddy bear in mourning for those that were lost in Titanic. Every time Steiff makes a new design they have to make 1000s just to keep in stock.

Baby Gund began by branching off of Gund, to make its own baby line. They realized that every child needed a really soft toy in order to love on, that how Baby Gund was born. Baby Gund would begin making small, fluffy teddy bears that were small enough for a baby to hold, rattles, comforters and more.

Russ Berrie & Co. began with only $500 to its name and manufacturing from the inside of a garage space, but as the company grew so did the product line and money. Berrie no longer has to worry about where he’ll make the bears, he just needs to think about the next design. In 1995 Russ would produce the “Bears From the Past” series of teddy bear collectibles.

Boyds teddy bears all began when G.M. didn’t want to paint ducks anymore for their antique shop. Once his son was born he got the desire to design his own stuffed bear, which would become the famous, “Boyds Bears.”

These are the facts on five companies and the teddy bears that hold them up. For without these teddy bears, the companies would’ve fallen to the ground. Each one has its very own story on how it opened its doors and each one is remarkable. Do you know where your teddy bears come from?