April 23, 2024
Fixing Teddy Bears

Fixing Teddy Bears

“Mom, he’s broke!” Your child has run in crying for you to fix her teddy bear. You quickly look over the teddy bear to discover exactly what is wrong with it. But how do you fix it? Is she just wanting you to add a band-aid to him or is there really something broke?

Teddy bears can take a lot of loving from children and last a long time, however there does come a time when teddy just can’t take it anymore. There are ways for you to fix your teddy bears without having to throw them away.

First, look over all your teddy bears to see if any need to be fixed. Determine what the actual problem is and make sure you have all the proper gear. If a string is hanging you may want to try pulling it but keep in mind this can make teddy come undone. Or you can take a needle and sew that small piece of string back into teddy. A hole on his side can be fixed the same way and no one will ever know that he once came apart.

With teddy bears it always seems that they will lose their cute little nose or those glass eyes. If you can’t find a replacement eye you can always add a patch to your teddy bear and make him look like a pirate.

You notice that a couple of your teddy bears have fur coming out of them; this could be just because he’s been worn out on this side. Kids seem to favor holding them a certain way, which tends to wear out that side. Purchase a patch that resembles the fur or you could simply get some fabric cut to the size you need and sew it back on. Teddy bears love to wear clothes as well, so if nothing else works you can start dressing him. You won’t be able to fix all your teddy bears but if you really want to save them, find a teddy bear expert.