March 5, 2024
Teddy Bears

Grooming Your Teddy Bears

Teddy bears like to be groomed just like everyone else. If left unkempt your teddy bear will stop keeping his/her appearance up they begin to look old and tattered.

In case your teddy bear is looking a little squished because he got flattened from being inside the toy box shake him out. By shaking the teddy it tends to fluff his fur back out and relocate the beads or fluff inside him. You may even want to pat him out a few times to get all that dust out of him.

Believe it or not some teddy bears enjoy you to pull on them. Stretch out his face if it has got deformed from your little brother always dragging him around. Don’t worry, bears are meant to be handled rough, he wants to play too. Continue to pull on him until you are satisfied with his expression on his face

A bear loves his fur brushed; to them it is just like someone scratching their backs. But don’t pull out his fur. That hurts and he may growl out. Some bears are unable to have their fur brushed, instead try blowing drying them out and then fluffing them with a fork.

Over the course of time teddy bears can lose that glossy look in their eyes. Sometimes it can get all scratched up while others it is just dirt on them. Simply take a cloth and wipe it over his eyes. You may even want to use a tiny bit of water to get any dirt or marker that is being stubborn.

When grooming your teddy bears take this opportunity to dust them, use a vacuum to quickly go over his fur. If your teddy bears still look a little dirty simply wash them down with a wet cloth. You should never drown them in water, the only time you put them in water is if it says machine washable. Now that your teddy bears are all nice and groomed, you can take them out for a picnic. Don’t forget the honey.