December 2, 2023
Gund Teddy Bears

Gund Teddy Bears

Gund has been in the teddy bear making business for over 100 years now, it was one of the first companies to ever produce a teddy bear in the United States. Due to the fact that Adolph Gund had to have the very best of everything in life, he made sure his teddy bears did too. His bears had to be made with top quality material, which is why they were made with mohair fur. He didn’t just stop there though, the men creating these lovely bears had to be the best craftsmen in the area. The golden ticket for the Gund Bears has always been there trademark of under-stuffing the bear, this created a soft teddy bear.

The company started creating teddy bears in Norwalk, Ct. Adolph never did have family which is probably why he sought out someone before he passed away to sell his company to.

Adolph Gund right before his passing he sold his business to Jacob Swedlin but under one restriction, the company always had to be called, “Gund.” Jacob would also be the man that introduced everyone to the licensing of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse or Snoopy. Jacob would pass down the company to his daughter Rita and her husband Herbert Raiffe, they both knew never to change the company name.

The company continue to thrive under Herbert and Rita, but it would be their son. In 1977 Bruce Raiffe would join the company. The company continues to grow today, always making sure to keep it’s name when it goes from one person to the next. While the company thrives with its latest teddy bears, they’ve never forgotten the man that got them started and have always continued to use safety with the toys and good quality to make all their items just like he did.