December 6, 2023
Teddy Bears Worth

How Much are Your Teddy Bears Worth?

It is important to know how much your teddy bears are worth before buying or selling them. Some have been known to go up in price over the years while others stayed the same or went down. If you aren’t sure how to figure out how much your teddy bears are worth you can ask a dealer or go out and get a book. Collecting teddy bears can be very profitable if you know what you are doing.

Examine your teddy bears thoroughly before ever taking them for a show or auction. Before buying them look them over and ask as many questions as you can think of. Find out where the bear came from and who had him last. By examining your teddy bears you should be able to tell how much they are worth and know if you want to sell them or buy any new ones.

There are several different things to look at on teddy bears to determine their value. Labels, joints and pads on their feet can tell you just how old they are. Their face can give you a round about guess on which decade they were distributed. Fur is another issue, depending on what type of fur, the condition it is in and everything to that nature.

If the joints that are stiff hard like a bear you’d find in a craft store, remember in the beginning these were what the teddy bears looked like. The pads on the teddy bear will indicate if he is good quality or not. In the early years of teddy bears, many companies would make them with really long noses because it was suppose to represent the real thing, not something cute and cuddly. If your teddy bears have glass or button eyes they might be worth something. Last, if you have a hand-sewn teddy bear with no flaws or very minimal flaws.