December 2, 2023
Clean Teddy Bears

How to Clean Your Teddy Bears

Cleaning your teddy bears are very important. For one teddy bears can carry all types of unhealthy germs if you aren’t careful and bacteria. In order to keep the smell of tobacco smoke off your teddy bears remember to vacuum them every other month. This way it also takes any dust that might be gathering on them out as well. You never know what’s gotten inside your teddy bear.

Keep in mind that not all teddy bears are machine washable, check the label before ever tossing him into the washing machine. If they are not machine washable take a gentle cloth, lightly wet it and surface wash the bear. Not everything comes off the first time, once you’ve given the teddy bear a good cleaning take a second cloth and lightly wash him again. Set him in a safe place to dry over night.

Kill any bugs that may be lingering on or inside your teddy bears by placing them in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer. While this may sound harsh to poor teddy, it’ll kill anything that might be living on/in him. Dust mites are something you don’t want your child getting attacked by, at least this way you’ll no they aren’t jumping on your child.

Mold can be another big issue with teddy bears, especially if you or your child ever got him wet. Not to worry though, unstitch his side and pull out the stuffing. Gently wash the inside of the bear like you would the outside and let it dry. Once dry replacing the old padding with new and sew him back together. Teddy bears loved to be cleaned at least once a year. With the proper care and love your teddy bears can be passed down from one generation to the next.