May 18, 2024
Personalized Teddy Bears

How to Get a Personalized Teddy Bears

Personalized teddy bears are better than your average bear because you get to have the say in what it looks like, right down to its very toes. This bear will be different from all your other teddy bears because you designed him yourself and should take pride in it. By the time you’re done completing your bear, you’ll get a sense of real accomplishment.

Finding a body for your bear is your first step because without a body, you’ve got nothing.

There are a ton of outfits to choose from, they’ve got everything you can think of. The career bear outfits, sports and special occasions, each one has about 30 different types of outfits for their category. If you like bikes, maybe you can make your very own Harley Davidson Bear or maybe a Ballet Bear for the little ballerina in your home. Let your imagination go wild, who knows you might just create something no one else has.

A personalized teddy bear can also be made for someone that has been in the hospital or is just not feeling well. Forget about going to the store to find that special bear, it’s never there. This way you can get it personalized to fit that person and make them smile.

You may even want to get a few extras for your personalized teddy bears. If you really like music you’ll want to get a voice recording and see if they can record your favorite song on it. This way every time you push him, it’ll play your favorite music. If you are making a personalized bear for someone maybe you’ll want to add a special message just for him/her or sing a song yourself. Some bears can come with their very own heart beat which is a great gift ideas for a newborn baby.

All you need now is to have them feel the bear up with stuffing and stitch it closed. Get your bear dressed and show her off to everyone you know. They may be dragging you back up just to do it again.