February 21, 2024
Old Teddy Bears

How to Replace Old Teddy Bears

It is never easy getting rid or losing an old friend, especially when that old friend was one of your beloved teddy bears. Sometimes when it comes to kids there is no other way to replace an old teddy bear without them knowing. Don’t just think you can go right out and buy a brand new teddy bear in place of the old. Do know that not all children will be able to replace their special teddy bears, no matter what you try doing.

Trying to deceive a child is never a good thing, they are smart and this will only bring him/her to tears. Children know if their bear is Mr. Teddy or not, there are special markings that some how only he/she know about. No matter how many times you wash the bear, throw it on the floor and stomp on it, if it isn’t the bear they will figure it out.

But if Little Jane left one of her teddy bears at the local zoo the last time you went, there are a few things you can do to try to replace it. First, try calling to see if they actually have it. You never know, some good Samaritan may have found it and returned it to the lost and found.

If it is lost you may want to try calling/emailing the company that made Mr. Teddy and ask them if they have a replacement. Make sure you let the child know that Mr. Teddy’s cousin is coming to stay with her for a while. This will explain that while it isn’t her bear, it is a family member and he needs lots of loving too.

If they do that’s great but if not, you may want to take Little Jane up to the mall to pick out her own little teddy bear. There are hundreds of teddy bears at the mall to choose from, letting her pick it out will make it special.