November 30, 2023
Collecting Teddy bears

Learn How to Start Collecting Teddy bears

If you are looking for a hobby, collecting teddy bears can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much to start your own teddy bear collection. In fact, you probably have a small one going on right now. Take a look around your room. Notice anything? That’s right, you’ve been collecting stuffed teddy bears over the years without even realizing it.

As a child many adults tend to buy teddy bears as gifts, even as you become a teenager you probably had someone give you one or two. Boyfriends tend to purchase teddy bears to show how much they care and because they know their girlfriend will think they are cute. Once you’ve become an adult you already have a collection of teddy bears waiting for you to pick up and continue on.

Children may want to collect teddy bears just because they like they way they look and can play with them. Some will want teddy bears to protect them late at night when all the scary stuff comes out in the dark, while others will simply place them on a shelf to look at. Teddy bears can help a child confide in someone if she/he is depressed, remember teddy bears will never tell.

You can find many teddy bears inside stores of all types from Wall-Mart to your local craft stores. Keep in mind if you are looking at homemade teddy bears they will be more expensive.

By going to department stores to your local talent shops you can find some nice teddy bear to collect. Prices will range from as low as a dollar to a few hundreds. You can also find a few online at places like eBay, Amazon or by simply doing a search for whatever type of teddy bear you are wanting.

Museums always have gift shops inside with all the latest merchandise from the area, which includes teddy bears. You’ll probably be able to find one that’s just for that museum and possibly a limited edition. But be careful, sometimes a museum can be pretty steep in their prices for something that you can buy cheaper outside the museum.

If you are really serious about collecting teddy bears, buy a few books on the subject so you never get charged over the price. Do your homework first before purchasing a collectors teddy bear. This way you can save your money for one that you really want.