December 2, 2023
Recycled Teddy Bears

Making Recycled Teddy Bears

It’s time to do some spring cleaning and you can start by making recycled teddy bears. No, I’m not meaning take your teddy bears and give them to someone else. A recycled teddy bear is one that is made out of clothing you no longer need. It originally started with fur coats but now people are making them out of sweaters their children didn’t want to part with to newborn outfits because mom couldn’t.

Making recycled teddy bears can be a lot of fun, especially when you discover what outfits are never worn and how they can become beautiful pieces of art that everyone love. Take dad’s 38 ties that he never wears and make a bear for him, now he can proudly display them without ever having to buy a suit. These would make a great Father’s day gift and he‘ll be happy that he doesn’t have to wear them.

You can use any old jackets like fur coats, that are being hidden in the closet because they are out of season. One jacket can make a couple of teddy bears, make a few of them to proudly display around your home.

You can either make your own recycled teddy bears or you can go online and have someone do it for you. Keep in mind when hiring a professional the cost for a bear can go from $140 on up. Heir Bears has already gotten started on making these one-of-a-kind teddy bears. If you don’t have anything to send in you can always order from one of her bears that are already made and just personalize them. In case you are wondering she gets her material from fur coats that were picked up from thrift shops, garage sales and neighbors.

When making your own recycled bear, think back about all the stories these outfits have to tell. Imagine the things that teddy is going to tell them, or maybe you should tell them a few so teddy doesn’t have to. These recycled teddy bear will make great heirloom gifts for your grand kids.