April 23, 2024
Military Teddy Bears

Military Teddy Bears

With war going on it seems like patriotic teddy bears are the latest craze. Everyone wants to show support by going out and buying these bears. One thing some have done is purchase the military teddy bears, some candy, wipes and a few other necessities and sent them off to those serving overseas. Military teddy bears can be given away as gifts for someone you know that’s about to sign up for the military or is too young to but shows an interest in it.

Teddy bear companies all over started noticing this trend and have started making many more. The Bear Collection by Vanguard has been inspired to create the teddy bears in both male and female outfits, after all it isn’t just men in the military these days. This collection comes with the Marine, Navy, Air Force and Army each wearing their very special uniform that they wear to serve their country in. There are a total of 16 bears in this collection, four from each branch of the service.

The outfits range from the camouflage (cammies) uniform with cap, Desert Storm Camouflage uniform with bush cap, an Aviator flight suit with garrison hat and their best dress uniforms. The Air Force does have one that comes in an Air Force Dress Uniform and the Marine Corps has the drill sergeant outfit with hat. The Navy bear has the white sailor uniform and a dark blue sailor suit.

They stand to be 20 inches tall and have stiff arms that hang out to their sides. Every bear is hand stuffed and sewn together. Each teddy bear comes with their own set of dog tags that they wear around their neck. Don’t forget the shoes either, I mean combat boots. These bears would definitely make a great welcome home gift to a soldier returning.