July 21, 2024
Teddy Bears

One Of A Kind Teddy Bears And Their Makers

For those of you who would like to step out of the ordinary, here is an idea. Instead of buying a teddy bear that everyone can get, why not go to a teddy bear artist and get a teddy bear that is unique?

After all, this teddy bear will be your, or your child’s, best friend for many years. How often is it, that one can pick just what their best friend will look like?

The web site, www.bearpile.com, provides links to teddy bear artists. This site was founded by Dave Stack and he runs it out of his 1903 Victorian home in Cleveland, Ohio. Teddy bear artist, Emma-Louise Braiden, Sells one of a kind bears, many of which have already been adopted. Some of her available friends are:

Baby Jeremy is made in two different mohair fabrics, and is fully lock-nut jointed so that he can pose in the positions a baby would. He is not overfilled with polyfill so he feels more like a baby. Jeremy also has a heap of stainless steel shot in him to make him more the weight of a baby. When you hold him you will need to support his head, but when he sits he is able to hold his head like a much older child. Baby Jeremy comes with baby booties on his feet and his own toy. A string jointed bunny.

‘TATE’ is a 12 inch wacky panda created by Jaqui Ellerton from Jac-q-lyn Bears, in the United Kingdom. He is made from black and cream, matted, curly, German, mohair fabrics. His face, inner ears and paw pads are made from, beige, cashmere fabric. TATE is fully jointed and is number 1 in a series of 5. This soft, cuddly, unique teddy bear is up for adoption. Another great site featuring teddy bear artists is, www.teddybearsden.com.

‘LITTLE PREP’, is a 9 inch bear stuffed with Australian wool and glass beads for weight. He is made of German ‘Kid’ Mohair and ultra suede. Little Prep is limited to only one. He is fully lock nut jointed, and his muzzle is a light beige in color to complement his milk chocolate colored fur. This teddy bear wears an oversized key as a necklace and is waiting to be adopted by you.

Truffles is a fully jointed 10 inch bear kit designed by Susan Bartlett. The kit includes a pattern and full instructions, mohair and matching ultra suede paw fabric. All joint requirement, threads and quality glass eyes are included. This kit is ideal for beginner and advanced bear makers.

These bears may cost a bit more than a teddy bear you might buy at a department store. You must remember, teddy bear artists design and make each bear by hand and many of them are one of a kind.