December 6, 2023
Special Teddy Bears

“Special” Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are loved all around the world. Not every store has the teddy bear you want and chances are it’ll be hard to find. Why not create your own “Special” Teddy Bear? You can either do it yourself, enlist in a professional to do it or head to one of those build-a-bear stores and have them assist you.

When you are making a special teddy bear at a stuff a bear shop, they are always willing to give you a helping hand. There are a ton of different ideas that you can come up with there. If you can’t ask them what they would suggest.

If you know someone getting married or want to surprise your wife for her anniversary you could make them a bear. The Wedding bear might include a Wedding dress or a Tux. If you get lucky you might be able to find a few other accessories to go along with your special teddy bear. Tiaras, a garter, shoes and a veil would be great to go along with this bear.

Maybe your daughter is about to head off for the prom. Make it a memorable day with her very own Prom Bear. Have her pick out which bear she likes and dress her up for prom. No girl is too old to play with teddy bears, that includes her.

If you know someone joining the military or becoming a doctor you might want to make them a special teddy bear just for them. A military bear may have fatigues or be dressed in their best dress uniform. Make sure you don’t forget the dog tags or combat boots, after all everyone knows they don’t go anywhere without them.

You can choose bears for special occasions like weddings, parties, holidays, births, graduations to just about anything under the sun. If you can think of it, they’ll probably figure out a way to make it come true.