February 21, 2024
Teddy Bear Collections

Teddy Bear Collections

The web site, www.bearhollow.net, belongs to a teddy bear collector. They have adopted, and share their home with quite a few furry friends. They would like to show you where these ‘adopted children’ make themselves comfortable around the house and grounds.

You will find links to the kitchen, the family room, the library, the office, the bear room, the living room, the dining room, the powder room, the garage, the picnic area, the guest room, the stairway, the lily pond, the sun room, the laundry room, the hallway and two bear hollow rooms. Wow, with a family like that I wonder how much the honey bill is!

The web address, www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/8514/, will lead you to The Beary Blue Bear Nook. A site owned by Trish a woman of 37 who loves collecting bears. She will show you her collection, and offer you links to sites where you can find kits and accessories to make your own teddy bear. She also has links to teddy bear artists, and the World of Miniatures page will link you to miniature artists.

Lorie’s Bear Shelf is a site owned by teddy bear collector, Lorie Barnhill, you can get there by going to: www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/greenlawn/994/. Lori will show you her collection of over 200 bears.

Some teddy bear artists sell teddy bear collections. That is to say, they sell certain groups of similar teddy bears they have designed to go together. Others sell unique, one of a kind teddy bears just right for you to start your own collection.

One site, www.designsbyterri.com offers adorable, miniature teddy bears. 23/4 inch-tall Domino is a bent knee bear made from off white and black medium pile non-shiny upholstery velvet. He is cotter pin and disk jointed and is stuffed with polyfil. Domino comes with a reproduction, die cast, taxi pedal car.

A site owned by Elizabeth Mowatt, www.tailoredteddies.com, offers one-of-a-kind, hand sewn teddy bears. Each bear is numbered and signed on the paw by the maker. Each bear has it’s own unique accessories. Another great site is, www.tbears.de. Owned by Karin Jehle this site offers bears with their own personality. Karin spends hours creating each bears face. Valdemar, a 13 inch tall teddy bear made from shining white faux fur. His eyes are alive; with upper and lower eye lids. Valdemar wears soft, brown leather trousers.

Karin also makes miniature, crocheted teddy bears. Thomas, a 4 inch crocheted bear and Minty, a 3.3 inch crocheted bear, go together perfectly. They both sport soft leather pants of different colors. Red Fred, is a red crocheted bear, 3 inches tall.

You may begin your collection with regular size, miniature, figurines or giant, stuffed teddy bears. Maybe you want a collection that has a little bit of every-bear in it.

The choice is yours. Remember, the sooner you get started adopting your extended family, the faster you will become an adoptive parent to as many teddy bears as your heart will hold.

There are hundreds of sites offering unique and one of a kind teddy bears and teddy bear collections.