December 6, 2023
Teddy Bear Patterns

Teddy Bear Patterns And Materials

Teddy bear artists are responsible for some unique and interesting teddy bears. A number of these artists are willing to share a few patterns with the public. You will find teddy bear patterns, or links to patterns, on the sites below. A number of these patterns are free. You can also purchase kits to make your own bear, not to mention, materials and accessories to make your teddy complete.

You will find teddy bear patterns, kits designed by Chris Cotton, as well as teddy bear making supplies here, Easy and Fun Teddy Bear Patterns.

At,, you will find pattern packs. Each pack includes, pattern, joint nuts and bolts, and 1 pair of black, glass eyes. You may browse the materials and accessories for bear making. Miniature bear patterns are also available.

When you visit,, you can purchase teddy bear patterns with a complete materials list for $10. A great site to find teddy bear patterns, kits and teddy bear making materials.

This site offers unique and wonderful bears. Kits to make your own teddy bear include, all materials needed to make the bear, except the stuffing. Also included, are various other articles to make each specific bear. Pattern sizes range from 4″ to 24″ teddy bears. Links to various sites featuring teddy bears, teddy bear patterns, teddy bear kits and materials to make teddy bears, can be found here,

Would you like to make a knitted teddy bear like the bear seen in Mr. Bean videos? You can do so by visiting, Here you will find a pattern and material list for this amusing, big eyed teddy bear. Needle Felting is a new way to make teddy bears and other soft toys without stitching or stuffing. This is accomplished by poking carded wool fiber many times over with a special, barbed, needle so that it felts together. As you felt the wool you are able to turn and mold it into any shape you desire. The result is a firm toy that is solid wool.

At, , You will find a tiny teddy bear pattern designed especially for babies. The finished bear size is 4.5 to 5 inches. This is a crocheted bear. If you love miniature teddy bears, you will find an adorable, 3″ bear by visiting: Looking for teddy bear and felting supplies?If you want to make a pilgrim outfit for your teddy bear,, has a great pattern with instructions and materials list.

This site has very unique patterns for teddy bears and stuffed toys.

You should find everything you need on the above sites to make your own teddy bear. You may want to try some of the craft sites to see what they have to offer along the line of teddy bear making supplies.