May 18, 2024
Teddy Bears - A Blessing

Teddy Bears, A Blessing For The Sick

For over 100 years the Teddy Bear has been a comfort to us. When we were frightened, lonely or sick, our Teddy Bear has been there. Serving as a constant companion and best friend who never faltered or failed us. This is true of sick children and adults today. I doesn’t matter how old we become, we are never too old to be comforted by the cute, cuddly, stuffed toy.

In hospitals across the country, patients recovering from open heart surgery are given a Teddy Bear to hug to their chest when they cough. After surgery it is vital for a open heart patient to cough so that the lungs remain strong and clear of fluids. This wonderful Bear has been a close friend to those in Cardiac Care.

Good Bears of the World, is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing Teddy Bears in the arms of children who are less fortunate to inspire love, reassurance and hope to those who are in desperate need. These children are the victims of flood, hurricane, Tornado or domestic violence. Good Bears also gives Teddy Bears to sick, injured and underprivileged children, as well as, lonely senior citizens. You may donate through their web site.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company sponsors a Big Hero, Little Hero program. The mission of the program is ‘to make sure every child has a Teddy Bear to hug when he or she needs one the most’. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and outside donations, offer a 13″ Teddy Bear specially designed for distribution to emergency service professionals around the country, free. For every special Little Hero Bear purchased, The company will donate two bears for distribution. You can become involved by coordinating a fund raiser through your church, school or community.

The Lexington Kentucky, Man O’ War Post of the American Legion, donated two unique Teddy Bears to 2 cancer patients. 1 year-old Maleek Kattara and 3 year-old Daniel LeBoeuf Jr. were the recipients of SPINOZA. SPINOZA is a talking bear that entertains children by singing songs and telling stories. Spinoza comes with 9 cassette tapes that are played inside the bears internal cassette player. This Teddy bear provides songs and tales of encouragement, friendship and support to children with life-threatening illnesses.

At Inland Hospital in Waterville Maine, children coming in for treatment or with family members will have a friend to help them stay calm thanks to Thorndike Press, located just down the road. They donated 600 Teddy Bears to the hospital for the children. The money to purchase the bears was raised by bake sales and a silent auction, among other activities.

A small group of senior women called ‘Busy Fingers’, at the Epiphany Lutheran Church, is making sick children feel better. These women have been meeting every Monday, from early morning to late afternoon, for almost two years. The group sews and stuffs colorful Teddy Bears, lap Robes and placemats. They have donated more than 300 items to Shore Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Shriner’s Hospital.

It is very heart-warming and consoling to know that Teddy bears can bring so much joy to so many.