November 30, 2023
Teddy Bears for Less

Teddy Bears for Less

Living on a budget can be tight and sometimes a bit depressing, especially when your child is begging you to buy her a teddy bear. But you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a teddy bear, in fact you could buy a couple of teddy bears and store them away with these short tips.

You might want to try going to your local stores, department stores and/or the local grocery to see if they have any teddy bears. No they may not be name brand but do they don’t need to be either. Never go to the mall to buy your items, the mall always overprices items.

Go online and look up teddy bears on eBay and see what you can come up with. There are a ton of bears that are always up for sale, all you need to do is be the bid that wins and you get your bears. Make sure you give yourself a budget though because it can become quite addicting, when someone else is bidding against you.

The Claw- The claw is a game that is located in many supermarkets and restaurants, the claw comes down and grabs a toy. Sometimes the toy drops and other times, if you are lucky it catches it. If you are good at this you can walk away with a teddy bear for .50, if not though you can walk away broke.

Thrift shops are another place that has everything marked really low. Teddy bears might run for a quarter up to a couple dollars, but they’ll never be the price you see at the stores.

Garage sales are the best place to find cheap teddy bears and chances are you can probably haggle your way down to a few cents per bear. If you go near the very end of the sale, they may even give you the entire lot. It is possible to buy teddy bears at reasonably cheap prices, which means your child will be all stocked up by the time her birthday rolls around.