November 30, 2023
Teddy Bears Sizes

Teddy Bears in All Sizes

Teddy bears come in all sizes from bigger than you are to as small as your little pinky. There are a ton of neat craft ideas you can do with teddy bears from wax dipping to personalizing them. You may even want to just collect them in all different sizes to display in your room.

Get a couple teddy bears that are about the size of your hand to make Little Dippers. You prepare these just like you would if you were making wax dipped bears, only once dried out you stick him in a small coffee cup. Let him dry and pour a little bit more wax over the top of him until it goes just below his arms. Let this set and you’ve got yourself a heated little dipper. Put it on a warming plate, something you’d use to keep your coffee warm while sitting at the computer. Once it heats up, it’ll begin to melt the dried wax and let off this beautiful scent. The good thing about this is you don’t have to replace it for a while, teddy sits in the wax and it sets once again.

You might want to use giant teddy bears to decorate an empty corner of a bedroom. This would look cute sitting in a chair of a baby’s room and as the baby starts crawling you’ll catch her in teddy’s lap.

Did you know that Mr. Edward Bear is one of the world’s largest teddy bears? That’s right, he was produced to be human size and he even had his own little family. Well, they weren’t so little compared to most teddy bears.

If you are trying to find a gift for the child that has everything, try purchasing a giant teddy bear. They have teddy bears in all types of sizes, even some that are taller than most people.