November 30, 2023
Teddy Bears in Museums

Teddy Bears in Museums

Teddy bears are now in museums due to their history of how they came about. If you love teddy bears or know someone that does try heading out to one of these museums. The world’s very first Teddy Bear Museum was in Peters-field, Hampshire, England back in 1984. Judy Sparrow opened it up with her own collection of teddy bears.

The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum in Dorset is opened 7 days a week beginning at 9:30 a.m. This museum has teddy bears around every corner, from the very old to the latest and greatest. Look back through time as you watch your favorite fictional bears come to life right before your eyes. Watch out as you turn the corner, there are even life sized teddy bears to keep you company. You can even walk into the house of “Mr. Edward” bear and sit with his family. The gift shop has everything you could possibly want from character teddy bears to one of a kind.

England wasn’t the only place in the world that has teddy bear museums, but that is where the first museum popped up. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum opened its doors in 2001, this place has all types of different teddy bears inside and all types of information on them. There’s a café for those parents that need a drink while carting their children around, two galleries, beautiful gardens and a gift shop.

The Dancing Bear Folk Center is the largest teddy bears museum in the western United States. It is located in Thermopolis, Wyoming and is ready for you to come and explore its teddy bears. If you ever get out to Vermont don’t forget to stop at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. They’ve got so many teddy bears you won’t want to go home without one. Take a tour of the factory while you’re there too.

There is also the Teddy Bear House Bed and Breakfast in Anchorage, Alaska where teddy bears are displayed in every room of the house. The cost is $45 a night per person and that includes breakfast. Try making some very bearable memories and start seeking out those teddy bears.