December 2, 2023
Teddy Bear Parade

The Amazing Teddy Bear Parade

What a wonderful parade it would make if we could line up all of the teddy bears in existence. Starting at the head of the line, I sincerely doubt you would be able to walk to the end in one day. There are so many teddy bears out there they could have a species of their own, (if they were alive, that is).It is hard to believe that teddy bears have been a best friend, confidant, protector, and constant companion to children from age the of 1 day till death. How hard is it for many of us to look at a cute, cuddly teddy bear and resist the urge to take him home with us. The teddy bear started as a simple, jointed bear stuffed with excelsior, to the wonderful, unique teddy bears we see today.

Teddy Bear Artists have admitted they have spent hours working on the face of each bear they make. While the bears may be made of the same pattern and materials, the face of each bear has a personality of it’s own. Each artist has his or her own style when it comes to making teddies. Many times you can see the personality traits of the artist in the teddy bears they make.

Soft toy manufacturers have their own style when it comes to the teddy bears they make. For instance, GUND, the top soft toy company in the U.S., has a patented under-stuffing method that makes many of their teddy’s, the softest on the market. You will find many diverse and interesting styles when you visit the factories or internet sites of the main teddy bear manufacturers.

Teddy bear collectors love to show off their wonderful bears. You will find many sites on the internet, belonging to collectors of teddy bears. One family in particular, have such a large collection, they have teddy bears in every room. Some of the rooms in their home are dedicated to bears only.

Teddy bears have been proven to be a wonderful way to lessen the fear and pain of sick, hurt, lonely, and frightened children. Hospitals give teddy bears to those in need. Children make up the biggest group of teddy bear recipients, but adults at many hospitals are given teddy bears to hug while recovering from open heart surgery. It is important for a person who has undergone open heart surgery to cough so their lungs remain clear. The teddy bear is held close to the patients chest to lessen the pain and prevent the wound from reopening with the action.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory has a program called BIG HERO, LITTLE HERO. Money is raised through a unique campaign and private donations. Every time a specially made bear for this program is purchased, VTBF will give 2 of the same type of bear to police, emergency service workers, and firemen for distribution to children who are sick, injured, or victims of domestic violence. The special bears are also given to lonely seniors.

One thing we know for sure, the teddy bear is a very popular toy. If you doubt it, look at the number of bears sold each year. Teddy bears have survived the test of time. Other toys have come and gone but the teddy bear lives on in the hearts of those of us who need a bit of reassurance or a soft, warm, hug.