December 2, 2023
The Care Bears!

The Care Bears!

Teddy bears are the most popular stuffed toy, and have been for over 100 years. You can find them in every department or specialty store you visit. Character teddy bears are a very popular addition to the teddy bear family. These bears are usually collectable.

Care Bears are teddy bears that started out in books and animation. The official Care Bear site,, has games, stories and facts about all of the Care Bears. Here are a few facts about The Care Bears.

Bashful Heart Bear: He is a very cute, slightly shy, little guy. He is the bear who shows you that you don’t have to talk a lot to be nice. His tummy symbol tells his story. It is a heart timidly hidden behind a cloud. MOTTO: You learn a lot by listening!

Bedtime Bear: Bedtime Bear stays up at night. He helps people get a good night’s sleep and makes certain they have sweet dreams. He’s a great buddy for a goodnight hug. His symbol is a crescent moon symbol that represents what he is about, a sleepy-faced moon. MOTTO: Sleep is what I do best!

Champ Care Bear: Is a sports star. He is great at every sport, but he’s better at sharing the prize of sports fitness, friendship and learning to be your best. He teaches good sportsmanship. His golden trophy symbol shows you are always a winner when you practice good sportsmanship. Motto: Playing fair makes the game more fun for everyone!

Cheer Bear: Helps others see the brighter side of life. She will even cheer to make someone happier. She is wears a symbol of hope and happiness- a rainbow, representing hope.

Daydream Bear: Shows how important your imagination is. She also knows it is important to pay attention. Her symbol is a heart-shaped planet surrounded by stars. She is imaginative, inspiring, and funny. MOTTO: A daydream a day keeps the frowns away.

Do-Your-Best Bear: Dreams big and never gives up. He helps others do their best at anything they do. He is very up-beat and is the first to say ‘Great job’! MOTTO: You feel your best when you do your best.

Friend Bear: Will be your best buddy bear. She is caring, loves to play, and is a lot of fun to be with. She teaches how to be a great friend. Her symbol of two smiling flowers symbolize the joy of friendship. MOTTO: Have I got a friend for you-me!

Funshine Bear: Is the clown of all Care Bears. He is funny and knows how to have fun. His symbol is a smiling sun reminding others to enjoy each day. MOTTO: The fun starts here!

Good Luck Bear: Loves to share his luck with everyone. This Care Bear always has a smile on his face. His symbol is a four leaf clover symbolizes the luck he carries with him. MOTTO: Lucky for you I’m here!

There are more Care Bears with plenty to teach you. You can find out all about them at: