July 21, 2024
Timeline for Teddy Bears

Timeline for Teddy Bears

The teddy bears’ timeline actually began in 1902 when Roosevelt wouldn’t shoot a bear cub, it was at this point teddy bears were created and distributed to the people. A year later the “Steiff Company” of Germany would begin their own teddy bears timeline.

The phrase “Teddy’s Bears” soon died out, due to an article that called them teddy bears in 1906 that appeared in the Magazine, “Playthings.” By now they were so popular they were on every child’s wish list. They would be sold as birthday gifts, baby showers to even those mourning a loss. In 1912, the Steiff Company would make more than 500 in honor of those that were lost on the Titanic. This would show that teddy bears weren’t meant just for happy occasions and could help in dealing with sadness.

The teddy bears’ timeline definitely went through a lot of changes; the bears were always having something added to make it better. By the 1920s toy stores were adding glass eyes and musical devices inside the teddy bears so they could play everyone’s favorite songs.

The teddy bears’ timeline almost came to an end during the Depression due to not enough money and workers going off to fight in World War II. Some businesses opened back up after the war, but others stayed dormant.

Teddy bears would become washable before the 70s were over and by the 80s they’d begin to talk and read to children. The first teddy bear museum was opened up in 1984 in England. The teddy bear timeline still continues today with changes still being added to improve what was once a simple stuffed teddy bear. The teddy bear won’t stop being created any time soon, people all over the world love these cute things and plan on buying them for all occasions.