April 23, 2024
Free kindergarten apple crafts

Free kindergarten apple crafts

Fall is a great time to look for some great free kindergarten apple crafts since fall is when apples come into season! You can make some great craft projects that revolve around apples. In fact, many teachers specifically teach the story of Johnny Appleseed in the fall so they can use all of the free kindergarten apple crafts that are available to them. There is no reason that you can’t do the same thing at home! Here are some of the free kindergarten apple crafts that we have found and that you can do at home for a little weekend fun!

Did you know that when you cut an apple in half, it can make a star shape? Set the apple right side up on the cutting board and then cut across the middle. That means you will cut right in the middle below where the stem is. Once the apple is cut in half, remove the seeds, and you will have a star. Dip the apple into some washable poster paint and then press the apple onto construction paper to make some fun star designs. Let your child be as creative as they want to be, but be sure to cover your work area with newspaper so the paint does not damage anything!

Another one of the great free kindergarten apple crafts that we found is really cute and easy. Give your child some brown construction paper and have them tear it into pieces. Then help them glue it onto a piece of white construction paper in the shape of a tree. Take a small sponge and dip the edge of it into green washable paint. Dab it onto the branches to make leaves. Then, using red paint, have your child dip the pad of their index finger into red paint and place “apples” all over the tree. For a fun little twist, have them draw happy faces on the apples.

Another of the great free kindergarten apple crafts that we love to use is to make stained glass apples. These are especially easy and perfect for the kindergarten age. Draw the shape of an apple on a piece of red construction paper. You can probably find pictures of apples someplace on the Internet. Just print it out and trace it onto the paper. Have your child cut out the apple. Then – you will probably have to do this part – about an inch away from the edge of the apple, cut out the center. Have your child apple glue with a glue stick all around the edges and place a piece of tissue paper or cellophane over the glue. Press to make sure it sticks. Then trim around the edges. Add a stem by gluing a piece of pipe cleaner at the top and you have a stained glass apple! Make sure to hang it in a window so the sun can shine through it!

Finding free kindergarten apple crafts is not difficult. There are many that are online on the Internet if you take the time to search for them. Then have fun!