December 2, 2023
kids Thanksgiving crafts

Ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts

When looking for ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts, you are limited only by your own imagination and creativity. You can find all sorts of ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts on the Internet. But don’t just let it stop there. Take and modify the crafts that you find and make them entirely your own. When you allow yourself to be creative, you will find yourself coming up with all sorts of ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts – especially when you allow yourself to think “outside of the box”.

For example, a child’s hand print can easily turn into a turkey’s feathers. A foot print can be a turkey’s body. Craft sticks can also be turkey feathers. There are lots of ways you can turn regular house hold items into ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts. Try a couple of these for your next Thanksgiving holiday.

Because Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful for the blessings we have been given throughout the year, so one of the great ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts that we found can be a center piece for your Thanksgiving table. Get a decorative bowl or basket and put some florists foam in the bottom of it. You’ll need some construction paper. Either free hand draw leaf shapes or find a template on the Internet. Here’s one place we found:

On the leaves, have your child write “I am thankful for” on each leaf and decorate as they want. Glue or staple the leaves to craft sticks. When your guests arrive, have each of them write something that they are thankful for and then place the sticks into the foam. Then place the basket on your dinner table. Between dinner and dessert, have everyone read one of the leaves that is not their own and then try to guess who wrote it!

Another of the cute ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts we were able to find are edible turkeys. To make one turkey, you need two Double Stuff Oreo cookies, some candy corn and a chocolate covered raisin (Raisinettes). Open one of the Oreos. The side with the filling will be the base of the turkey. Eat the other part! Take the other cookie and stand it upright in the filling. Stick pieces of candy corn in the filling of the upright cookie for feathers and place the raisin in front of the body for the turkey’s head. This is especially cute if you use the colored Oreos that come out around Halloween time!

There are many ideas for Thanksgiving kids crafts on the Internet that are fun and easy to do. These ideas for Thanksgiving kids crafts can provide for some real quality time with your child as you craft away!