July 21, 2024
Thanksgiving placemat crafts

Thanksgiving Place-Mat Crafts

There is nothing more fun and precious than having handmade Thanksgiving placemat crafts to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Kids love to make crafts, and making Thanksgiving placemat crafts gives them a chance to share their artwork and creativity with everyone who will be present at your Thanksgiving dinner. Imagine your child’s delight when they sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with the family and everyone has one of their Thanksgiving placemat crafts underneath their dinner plate!

The best part about making Thanksgiving placemat crafts is that you can let you or your child’s creativity just run wild! All it takes is some construction paper, some crayons or markers, and you are well on your way! If you want your Thanksgiving placemat crafts to become keepsakes, a laminating machine can be purchased relatively inexpensively at most discount stores like Wal-Mart or craft stores like Hobby Lobby. When you laminate your Thanksgiving placemat crafts, your Thanksgiving guests have something they can take home with them to remember a great holiday!

When making Thanksgiving placemat crafts, you or your child’s imagination is the only thing that you need other than paper and something to write or draw with. Try making a border of turkeys along the sides and then filling in the center with things that you are thankful for. These things could be general things or specific things depending on your family situation. Maybe you are thankful for grandpa still being around for another holiday. Maybe you want to pay homage to the troops who fight for our freedom every day. When you are making Thanksgiving placemat crafts, the sky’s the limit and it can spark many deep conversations with even the littlest child!

Once you have made your placemat, be sure it is dry and then decorate your table with these handmade beauties. If you are using a laminating machine, be very sure that the whole mat is dry before you send it through the heat-based machine. You don’t want your Thanksgiving placemat crafts to be ruined just because you didn’t wait long enough before the ink dried on the paper!

Thanksgiving placemat crafts are great party favors for your dinner guests to take home. After all, what really is Thanksgiving than a big celebration (party) giving thanks for everything that we have and everything we can expect. When your guests are able to take home a memento of the amazing Thanksgiving celebration that you put together, they are sure to remember not only the event but the fact that you and your child took the time to help them put what is important at the top of their life list.