April 23, 2024
Thanksgiving scrapbook

Thanksgiving Scrapbook

We always want to commemorate special days in our lives and a Thanksgiving scrapbook is a great way to remember this special time of the year. Scrap bookers have all sorts of different memory books and a Thanksgiving scrapbook is usually one of them. When you start your Thanksgiving scrapbook, you can add to it from year to year and commemorate the holiday watching your family grow and thrive!

When it comes to beginning a Thanksgiving scrapbook, you will want to start with an idea in mind about how you want it to look so you can buy the right supplies. Colored papers in fall hues are good to have along with some unique lettering, stickers, frames, and cut outs. Think creatively when you are planning your Thanksgiving scrapbook. You can even use nature on your pages by including some fall leaves.

You will want to include lots of photos in your Thanksgiving scrapbook, so be sure to take a variety in order to capture the true spirit of the day. Try to get pictures that are not posed and get your family acting naturally. Take pictures of everyone and get detailed photos of the symbols that represent Thanksgiving such as the dinner table, Dad carving the turkey, the guys watching football, etc. When you want to remember a day, it is the details that count, so take your pictures with that in mind.

Journaling is also a big part of scrap booking. Writing down the details of the day, the sights, the smells, funny things that happened, odd things that were said, and such can really bring back all of the joy of the day. You can jot down a few notes during the course of the day if you like, but often just looking over your pictures can bring back those memories. When you are putting together your page, write down what the pictures make you think of so when you look back, you can re-live the moment over and over.

If you have no idea where to start with your Thanksgiving scrapbook, you can find all sorts of templates that you can follow from various web sites on the Internet. People who scrap book are always eager to share their creations and there are many, many web sites dedicated to the craft of scrap booking. You can download these templates – often for free – and then print them out on your computer so you can use them as a guide in creating your own pages. Then have fun with it and be creative. You are sure to create a Thanksgiving scrapbook that you can truly be proud of!