December 2, 2023
Lead Guitarist

Characteristics a Lead Guitarist Needs

Being able to play a guitar in front of a crowd efficiently and magically is not the ultimate dream of every artist. Though beginners often state that they only wanted to play some music, it just doesn’t stop there, especially if you see yourself going somewhere. He somehow should see himself advancing to being the lead guitarist of a band. Involving himself in a band is one thing but playing as the lead is another.

Why is the lead so important that the band wants to keep him and respects him? Because he calls the shots. He decides on the music the band must play. In other words, he is their leader.

A lead guitarist is someone who, aside from the vocalist, establishes rapport amidst the crowd. He is responsible for getting everyone’s attention and at the same time being able to entertain them with his skills on the guitar and somehow satisfy them with their need for loud, soft, hard metal, or jazzy music. A crowd pleaser.

This is a good opportunity to let the artist in you sparkle amidst the limelight. But first, you have to start working on the most important thing that you must consider before entering such commitment, yourself.

After you’ve decided which path you’d go, either a rock star or a blues type of a guy, you have to double check if you are really capable of stating your name and plunging into the career of your life as a lead guitarist. One must possess and observe:

a. A goal
Most guitarists don’t really know what they want that may lead to a dream or frustration. You need to set goals for yourself. Set a time frame when you’ll be able to see the path you have to tread. A goal is like a road. Help this goal inspire you to push through elevating your career.

b. Right Attitude
Aspects like this require a great deal of persistence. If you want to see yourself on top of that stage with lights and all, you must have the potential to play the part. Your confidence must shine. Never let your energy spill. The crowd must never take advantage of you. You own the stage, remember that.

c. Practice
Just because you have that part on being the lead doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing. This should give you more reason to keep playing. It would be a disgrace if you’ll be the reason for inappropriate unpleasant remarks. Without religious practice, you can expect to see your career fall apart.

d. Skills and knowledge
What good are you without your talent in guitar mastery? Aside from the basic conventional way of playing the guitar, you have to figure out a way to exhibit other tricks that will definitely blow your audience away. One typical example is Carlo Santana. He is considered as a music genius for his impeccable way of manipulating a guitar. Sometimes, not one, but two at the same time.

e. Flexibility, Discipline and Respect
Joining a group or band demands its members to be flexible enough to cope with the pressure, stress, and sometimes the attitude of the other members. Discipline must be maintained to gain cooperation and tranquility while respect must strictly be imposed within the group. These three important elements are the keys to a successful working relationship.