November 30, 2023
Your Dream Job

10 Reasons You Must Have Your Dream Job

Some people consider a job a necessity, but see a dream job as optional or even indulgent. I have a different view. I believe you must find your dream job…for the following 10 reasons:

1. Your dream job allows you to be your true self all the time

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to step into a false persona for work and not be your true self.

2. Your dream job incorporates your values

A dream job will focus on the same values you do and will not ask you to embrace values that do not resonate with you or that go against your beliefs. If you have a concern for the environment, for example, your dream job will not ask you to be involved with toxic waste dumping.

3. Your dream job fits into your life

Your dream job will integrate perfectly into your lifestyle and will fit you wonderfully. It will feel like a natural part of you and will enhance rather than hinder your life.

4. Your dream job allows you to tap into your unique gifts

Everyone has different gifts and qualities – your dream job will allow you to tap into your unique gift and express it fully. You’ll notice that work will feel more effortless when you’re using your gifts.

5. Your dream job gives you energy instead of draining you

You feel energized by your job instead of drained and exhausted by it. You look forward to it and embrace every part of it. You start to notice that you have energy for other things both in and outside of work.

6. Your dream job enables you to align with your passion and do what you love

There is an ease that comes with cultivating your passion. You’ll feel as if you’re coming to your true home and doing what you’re meant to do in this lifetime. As you do what you love, you realize your purpose is being fulfilled and you feel satisfied and comfortable.

7. Your dream job helps you make a difference in something you believe in

It enables you to feel good about giving to your job knowing that you are making a difference in some way. You’ll know that your unique talents and gifts are being used to bring about change in something that is important to you.

8. Your dream job is enjoyable and doesn’t seem like work

You wake up every day excited about going to work instead of dreading it. You can have fun at work and feel happy about doing your job.

9. Your dream job follows your wants instead of your shoulds

You listen to your intuition and your heart instead of your rational mind and/or what society and others think you “should” do. As you listen to what you want, you begin to know yourself more clearly. The rest of your life starts to rearrange itself around who you truly are and not who you were supposed to be.

10. Most importantly, your dream job fulfills you

You feel a sense of completion. The work you do, how you do it, and the responsibilities and roles all come together in a way that makes you feel satisfied. You know the work you are doing is having an impact and you are truly serving your purpose.