December 2, 2023
Best Messages Quotes

Best Messages Quotes Part-2

Greetings and Wishes

I Wish for u;
Great start for Monday
No Obstacles for Tuesday
No Stress for Wednesday
No Worry for Thursday
Smile for Friday
Party for Saturday
Great Fun for Sunday
Have a beautiful week


Just for Fun… LOL !

Tragedy of moon:
So simple but so attractive
So enlightening but so cool
So moving but so still
So quiet but so popular
So romantic BUT ALWAYS SINGLE..!!

Mr. Bean: – Hey, why have you lighted the candle?
Sardar: – Power cut
Mr. Bean: h! Then at least switch on the fan
Sardar: – you fool then the candle will turn off

We all spend so much money for buying clothes
but d best moments of life r enjoyed without clothes…
That’s life..! Keep rocking…


aka.. ONLY for ADULTS !!

What is the difference between secretary & private secretary?
Awns: – secretary says GOOD MORNING SIR & private secretary says ITS MORNING SIR.

MEDICAL Final yr. Question Paper:-
Fill in the blanks:- 1. if a girl faints, you must first check her p_ _ s_
Only those students, who wrote PULSE, passed!