May 28, 2024
The Essential Lead Guitar Skills

The Essential Lead Guitar Skills

Want to play incredible lead guitar?

Yeah, of course you do ā€” It’s by far the coolest thing about learning guitar!

You probably already know that there are certain lead guitar techniques youneed to be proficient at.

Here are six of the most important:

Alternate Picking

Hammer Ons & Pull Offs



String Bending

Having both your hands working as one?

But that’s not all you need …

Nope. If you’re really going to capture your audience, you also need ?riffs and strategies.

In reality, you could have all the technical skills in the world… but without some riffs and the knowledge of how to use them/tie them together, you won’t have much in terms of soling skills…

And I want to give you some riffs that will help you:

… Play over? any rhythm or progression …

… Play up and down or across the fret board… No feeling “stuck” in a single box…

… Spice them up with all kinds of little tricks that make people’s heads turn …

… Turn just a few riffs into ?countless solos…

And that’s just for starters.

The easiest way to learn about this is to click on the link below and watch this short video:

See What Iā€™m Talking About…