March 5, 2024

Reasons to Watch American Idol

With several seasons of American Idol already over and completed and the ratings starting to go downhill there are numerous questions about why exactly people tune into the show. The truth of the matter is that everyone often has different reasons for tuning in. Whether you are interested in watching the show because you have a love of music or a different reason there is likely something that you will find enjoyable.

If most people are downright honest with themselves, they will usually admit that one of the major reasons is to see exactly what Simon will say. This is rather sad truthfully, but we are a cruel world. We tend to enjoy watching someone else be ripped to shreds while we sit on the comfort of our couch and happily admit we are happy that it is not us being criticized like that. However, in reality while some may hate on Simon Cowell badly, he really does know what he is talking about. Plus, he hates those who show up and merely play around with the competition.

Looking past Simon and trying to focus on the less evil reasons to watch the show is seeing how each of the contestants tends to evolve. Each week and they stand around in terror on the stage hoping they are safe they breathe a sigh of relief and go back to work improving. This allows them to grow substantially from their very first audition up until the day that someone actually wins the competition. If you have ever watched the show from the very beginning up until the end you have no doubt noticed that there is a significant difference. It just shows and proves to people hat it really is possible to improve and get better.

For those who are strictly watching the show for entertainment purposes you have to admit that they do get some awesome guest stars to work with the contestants. Jennifer Lopez, Dolly Parton, and so many more have all graced the stage to work with the contestants to improve but also to perform. This is a fabulous way to check out some of the newest material that the stars have to offer, but also see what they have to say about your favorite contestant. Nevertheless, you can also see how each contestant handles the songs of the week as well.

For those moments when you are just feeling relaxed and peaceful it can be fun to sit around and watch the jokes that occur. After all the cheesy Ford commercials, the banter between the judges and even the occasional attitude from a contestant is all perfectly coordinated to ensure the perfect entertainment event. Looking at the show as something that is 100% serious is usually disappointing but you are sure to find someone that you want to root for.

Another reason to watch; let us face it, everyone on that stage started as an underdog at some point. Well except for half of the season seven contestants who were already seasoned professionals. It is a lot of fun to see these underdogs who would normally never stand a chance in Hollywood actually having a chance at a music career. The mere idea of getting a fabulous career like that is incredible and can be described as a dream come true. Watching the contestant that starts out all meek and quite turn into the ultimate American Idol right before your eyes is something that is truly special. Most idols drastically change their appearance during the show, their style changes and they start to be much more confident. In the end, you are spending all of your time rooting for them and running to the phone to vote as soon as the polls open.

While this might seem like a strange set of reasons to watch American Idol you have to admit that somewhere deep inside your heart, you fit into these reasons and methods as well. Which reason is yours for watching is always a secret, but you are likely to have a few of your own. The reasons rarely matter, but what does matter is watching someone be crowned the American Idol and knowing that you were a part of it.