May 18, 2024

Who Watches American Idol?

With so many shows on television lately, it is often a wonder who is actually watching the shows. Advertisers are obviously extremely concerned with who is watching a show because it impacts their advertising budget, but many times, it is important to realize who is actually watching the show for different reasons as well. What you may not realize is that the actual viewers of the show can impact you in several ways.

The first way we have already touched on a bit, and that is because of advertises. If you are watching a television show that is watched by mostly children you can expect to see a lot of toy commercials and even video game commercials. This is because these types of items are what children live for. How many kids do you know of that decide to beg their parents for a tomato plant? What about a fabulous new home improvement project? Most kids are more concerned with the latest in toys and that shows based on the commercials that are pushed during kid friendly shows. While parents may not appreciate this advertising ploy it has proven extremely effective for most companies and will likely be used for a very long time.

In the case of American Idol, the type of people who are watching the show also tends to heavily reflect on who the winner will be. Thanks to the success of shows like Nashville Star there are very few country music sensations coming from the American Idol camp. However, you do on occasion have a country treasure to find, after all Carrie Underwood and a few other Idol rejects are doing extremely well in country music. The personality of the viewers tends to show in the actual contestants. Those who perform well in styles of music that the audience can connect with tend to stay on the show much longer.

Regardless of how it might not seem like the particulars of who is watching American Idol effects you in reality it is extremely important. What could happen often is a dramatic shift in viewers, which can ultimately cause your favorite singer to be cast off to the side and replaced by someone who fits into the personality of the majority a bit better. Of course, you can always hope to be on the majority side when it comes to selecting the perfect American Idol, but with changes and shifts in demographics, it is also possible that you could find yourself up against a whole cast of potential Idols that you are not interested in.

What might seem extremely confusing in terms of who is actually watching the show is actually quite simple. Most people can agree, American Idol does really well with most viewers who are 40 and younger. While the show does manage to pick up some viewers in the older categories, it is not anywhere near the numbers that they are used to seeing from the younger crowds. This leaves many problems when it comes time to really decide which demographic is the top winner. Most professionals tend to agree that American Idol has a very large following of viewers but the truth of who is watching the show is sometimes startling.

As one of the top shows on television, you may discover that your shrink, your doctor, your lawyer, your mechanic and your tennis coach all watch the show. The overall diversity of viewers is one of the biggest attractions that pulls in advertisers. Not only can companies advertise their products during the show, it is absolutely incredible the way the viewers are pulled from all ages, all careers and even all parts of the country. Working to keep viewership up is certainly not easy, but American Idol has found the ultimate secret to success, and working with this success they continue to grow and develop new ideas for keeping viewers interested and also new contestants coming to the show year after year.