March 5, 2024
How to investigate

How to investigate anyone at anytime

“There’s no place like a home.”

While this phrase was coined years ago, it holds true to most individuals.  A personal residence is your rest haven, your place of peace, your kingdom.  Every now and then, we lower our defensive shield, and put away that protective armor to allow someone into our home.  That happens when the plumber needs to take a look at those clogged pipes, or the communications technician may need to check the phone lines from inside the home.  To install that great plasma TV, the cable man or satellite installer will certainly need to step inside and make sure the reception box is functioning properly.  All these requirements and luxuries of life call for you to give trust to a complete stranger, the same trust you would never put in just anyone walking the streets.

We will now view the situation from a worst case scenario.  Let’s say the plumber gave you the uncomfortable eye during a repair.  Perhaps the communication technician’s conduct was not appropriate in your eyes, as he moseyed around your hallways looking for the “bathroom.”  Maybe the satellite installer violated company policy by offering you a discounted service that would benefit only them.  Many businesses often conduct an employee check, but sometimes they do not.  When eerie individuals cross your path, you may choose to take a different plan of action.  Being able to find out anything about anyone would certainly ease the worry of allowing strangers into your home.

One may have some legitimate concerns about accessing records and conducting their own background check.  Some may think this cannot be done because of all the required forms and possible penalties.  Be assured that it is 100% legal to attain background checks and public records information.  You have the right to find out about anyone at anytime.  Finding the right service to perform this type of search is the real issue.

Truths about record checks

When performing your search, be aware that no database will allow you to instantly access ALL criminal records.  This function is strictly limited to the FBI.  These records are mainly off limits, with the exception of federally insured banks, nuclear power plants, and various branches of the government.  Many services may claim to have access to these extensive databases, but that is a topic certainly worth arguing.

Many services advertise that they are capable of accessing criminal records anytime from everywhere; some claim anytime, anywhere and anyone.  Choosing a company that advertises the capability to find out anything about anyone at anytime is one you would prefer.

Several services freely use the word “nationwide” for promotion.  In actuality, with the exception of a few companies, these searches are typically limited in capability and falsely advertising.  There are a few companies that have contracts with government departments to provide the background check information to the general public.

You can also conduct your own people search investigation to find out about anyone.  Search engines are a powerful tool that scans all web pages for relevant information linked to a person’s name.  With a bit of time and diligent research, you can uncover the background information and find out about anyone.

There is simply one thing you cannot get enough of these days: safety.  Though it is very common to allow a stranger inside of your home to make a service call, you have the right to remain weary.  Never feel guilty about conducting your own private search on anyone.  Public records are available for you to access at anytime.  Make the most these rights and use them whenever you feel the need to protect yourself.